What Makes It Awesome

This weekend, head to Hogenakkal located in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu and visit Hogenakkal Falls. Called the Niagara Falls of South India, drive down for a view of waterfalls, breathtaking scenery and freshly cooked fish. As the holiday season is here, it’s time to pack up your picnic bags and gear yourself up for a drive 130 kilometres south of Bangalore over to the Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu. It takes about four hours to reach via road and then you can check out the splendid Hogenakkal Falls. Watch the forceful water come crashing down a series of rugged rocks that are said to be one of the oldest in South Asia, and enjoy the sight and the sound of the waterfalls. The name of the falls translates to ‘Smoky Rocks’. You could take your entire family and make a day out of it.

The entire place with its rustic village charm makes for quite an escapade. You could take a dip at the deep ravines where the water flows through, and here’s a myth: the water is said to have medicinal qualities. However, this entire experience could be extremely dangerous, so please be safe. Enjoy a boat ride that is priced between INR 500 to INR 800. The mighty mountain scenery surrounding the falls makes it picture perfect. You could also sample and enjoy some of the fresh local catch of fish at the market stalls at the edge of the falls. A paradise for all you seafood lovers.