Looking for the best way to beat the summer heat? Cold drinks and quick showers could only do so much. You need a more permanent solution. A 220V air conditioner is a perfect tool to cool down during the warmer seasons.

What are some things to know about 220V air conditioners?

  1. Types

High-quality air conditioners come in various types. There are split-types, ceiling cassettes, and the famous 220V window air conditioner. Each type of AC unit brings its pros and cons. The best choice is relative and depends on your requirements.

Split air conditioners are the most modern units. They often come with a heat pump facility and different control modes. Ceiling cassettes are bulky and commonly found in offices and commercial buildings. On the other hand, 220V window air conditioners are the standard in most homes. Window-type AC units are fitted through a narrow wall and are easier to maintain.

  1. Features

220V air conditioners are loaded with user-friendly features such as timers, cooling modes, remote control capabilities, and temperature buttons. These functions allow users to manipulate the settings to fit their preferences easily.

There are even more advanced models that come equipped with the following:

  • Backlight Displays

Scared of the dark? Turn your AC unit into a night light and sleep peacefully, knowing that you can control the temperature easily even during the night.

  • Modes

Modern 220V portable air conditioners have both cooling and heating properties. In the heating mode, the AC automatically decreases the temperature every hour to avoid overly high temperatures. The cooling mode works similarly, though the temperature increases every hour instead.

  • Auto-Restart

If your power cuts off, 220V air conditioners automatically turn off without changing the previous temperature settings.

  • Dehumidification

Damp and muggy environments can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep, especially during the summer. High-tech air conditioners have dehumidification properties that can automatically remove excess moisture from your room.

  1. Size and cooling capacity

220V air conditioners come in different sizes and cooling capacities. A smaller unit consumes less energy, but if it’s too small and underpowered for the room, it will end up working harder and consume more power in the long run. Always buy the right size.

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