A distributed denial of service in an intended internet attack, aimed at slowing down or completely preventing access to intended user of a targeted network or website by flooding it with feigned traffic. If your website is not strong enough to detect a common bug issue, it will be very difficult to identify a malicious attack and you really do not stand a chance. These attacks are almost always carried out successfully. Imagine when your site is already vulnerable to a common bug.

In other to stay strong and protect yourself out there in a world full of cyber criminals and booters, you must be familiar with Distributed denial of service and know how it works. In this article we will inform you about a few things to make yourself aware of the distributed denial of service.

Understanding the aim and concept of a DDoS attack

The main aim of a denial of service attack is to prevent users and intended users from opening your website. It slows or shuts down the website completely. The attack is carried out by sending multiple requests than the website is able to handle. They make use of botnet to communicate with zombie devices on the internet and then proceed to launch the attack. After this happens, users will be locked out and possibly all your resources consumed. You may lose all your sales, profits and financial gains and potential clients.

Many users are not as patient as some others. If your site is slow or doesn’t load at all, depending on the time the attack will last or the time it takes to bring it down, you will lose a lot of potential clients on your website or network. The whole thing can be very frustrating, so it is advised that you take extra protective measures to avoid being a server target for these ip booter.

In events of a distributed denial of service attack, bear in mind that your customers are not in harm’s way so you do not need to worry about their information and details on the website. The attack is just for your website and if you are unable to stop it, attackers may use it as a way to extort a large amount of money from you especially if your site generates a lot of revenue for you.

Although the process is bad, many people use it to bring down illegal website for security reason. In other to avoid complaints from several users. People with the intention of seeing your downfall, or using a less harsher tone your competitors are most likely to send a distributed denial of service attack to your website to slow things down for you or completely stop your website from functioning. Because the attack is very hard to stop or bring down, users are advised to carry out all necessary preventive measures do they do not fall a victim of such circumstances.