6 home pipe opener method is for people who are tired of the bad smell of sewage that they inhale while washing the dishes. Be sure to do these steps to get rid of the bad smell of sewage with the opening pipe if none of the methods work. Be sure to call the pipe opening service company. So join us to explore these 6 methods together.

The best home opener methods
It has happened to all of you that you take your sewer pipe in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet, and with these blockages, you have gained experience in recognizing the signs before the blockage to determine if you are going to take your sewer pipe.

The main symptoms of clogged pipes such as slow draining of water from the sink, unpleasant odor of sewage and آسان are all easy ways to prevent to reduce your potential costs and use less pipe opener services throughout the year.

1. Using a manual opening tube spring
Make sure you have several clothes hangers or suits at home. Lift one of them and straighten its curvature well to act as a spring opener tube spring.

Then use a pair of pliers to hook the end. Note that this device should be used to remove hair and waste products that have inadvertently entered the tube, so when it enters the tube, try not to make things worse, ie push the existing material into the tube Do not.

But most people are caused by pushing most of the waste into the pipe and clogging the pipe. So, if you do not know, it is better to contact Padideh Service Pipe Opener Company so that they can do the job in a few minutes and easily remove the clogged pipe.

2. Opening tube with salt and vinegar solution
The solution of salt and vinegar, due to the gas it creates, removes excess hair inside the tube, and when you combine these two substances, immediately pour it into the tube when it is boiling, and let it stay in the tube until tomorrow morning, so it is better. Do this at the end of the night.

3- Pipe opener with salt ink for pipe opener
Because salt ink can cause severe burns, be sure to be careful when using it and use appropriate gloves and eye protection. Pour 3 quarts of water into a bucket and add 3 teaspoons of salt ink to it and mix it well with a stick until the solution is ready to use. Then pour it into the sewer pipe and wait a few hours, then wash it with hot water. Repeat if necessary.

Try to take care of your hands and eyes when using salt ink. A moment of negligence will bring a lifetime of regret. If you can not do this, relax yourself and do not be afraid of getting hurt. Contact them so they can fix your problem quickly.
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4. Use boiling water to open the pipe
Home pipe opener in the simplest way you can do without cost and get rid of pipe clogging. To do this, completely fill the kettle with water and bring it to a boil. Then pour all the water into the tube. Repeat this several times to open the tube well.

To make this method work better, you can also add dishwashing liquid or tide and stir it well with a large spoon until it foams. Just be careful not to burn your hands.

5. Tube opener with detergent
If your problem is clogged toilet and dishwasher outlet, you can use dishwashing detergent. To do this, pour half a cup of detergent into a bag and put it in water and boil it until it flows. Then pour the detergent into the toilet or dishwasher and pour some hot water on it to wash the liquid. This lubricates the excess material that caused the blockage to open the exit.

6. Opener tube with home solution
Ingredients for making this home opener pipe solution:

Half a cup of salt
Half a cup of baking soda
Boiling water
Combine these and pour into a tube. Let it sit for a while and then wash it off with some hot water.
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