Closed toilets are definitely not ideal when you want to use the bathroom, and right after you finish your work, you will encounter a clogged toilet that can get dirty everywhere at any moment.

Worst of all is the stench of sewage rising from the toilet water, especially when you have guests, can be very annoying!

Fortunately, removing the clogged toilet is not a difficult task at all, and here we have taught you all the ways to open the toilet well so that you can open it easily and very quickly in peace and not worry about anything at all.

Cause of clogged toilet well

First of all, you need to know what caused the clogged toilet.

Usually all toilets become clogged in the same way, provided that the main reason for the blockage of the cement pipe is not falling objects and the like.

Generally, the reasons for clogged toilet wells are:

  • Long hair
  • Sediment
  • Fat
  • Feces
  • tissue paper
  • Sanitary pad
  • Plastic
  • things
  • Construction materials such as bitumen, cement, slurry, etc.

In many cases where customers do not know what to do to open the toilet well and come to us, the main reason for their problem is the lever of the faucet in the toilet, feces, sediment, paper towels and in some cases cement.

Cramps are very different and the reason is which part is affected. Sometimes the siphon gets to the toilet and the water in the well rises, and sometimes it has a problem in front of the siphon. It does not matter at all in which part of the blockage it is created, because you can open it with the opening pipe methods mentioned below.

The three main reasons that most clog the bathroom are explained below, as well as the methods that can be used to open them.

This section describes all the tutorials that you can use to open the toilet at home. If you could not open the blockage by all means, it means that the blockage is very severe and you should use the services of pipe opener and well drain.

1. Pour hot water into the tube

The first and best way to open a toilet well is to pour hot water into a toilet pipe.

To do this, first prepare a relatively large bucket and fill it all with hot water. Be careful not to boil water, as spilling boiling water into the toilet can cause the bowl to break or crack.

After preparing the hot water bucket, if the well water does not rise, it is better to pour hot water into the pipe with pressure. Empty the bucket from a height of 30 to 50 cm.

You must do this at least twice to see the result. If it does not work, it is better to go to the next method.

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۲. Detergent and warm water

Detergent can be any kind of liquid, even laundry or dishwashing liquid!

The use of liquid to open the toilet pipe is because the pipe slips and causes the obstruction to pass through the pipe.

To do this, first pour some detergent into the tube and wait a few minutes. Then pour some warm water on it and wait a few minutes again to see the result.

Most likely, if the clogging is not normal and hard, it should open easily.

3. Baking soda and salt

One of the best ways to get to the toilet is to use baking soda and salt.

These two substances have a high power in degreasing and removing wastewater, which is why they often open clogs.

To use this solution, you need half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of salt to combine them and pour into the toilet bowl.

After pouring them, wait an hour to two hours and then pour water into the pipe to make sure the blockage is open or not!

4. Baking soda and vinegar

Clogged toilet wells can be easily opened with baking soda and vinegar, which is a very strong home solution.

If you take a toilet well and the well water is high, you can pour half a cup of baking soda into the pipe and pour one or two glasses of vinegar on it.

If the water rises and foams, do not worry at all, it is because of the combination of these two substances that a chemical reaction has occurred and there is no danger at all and it will not damage the pipe.

If the well water is not high, you can pour the same amount of baking soda and vinegar and after one hour, rinse the toilet with water to make sure the blockage is removed or not.

5. Baking soda, vinegar and soda

If the previous methods did not work and now you do not know what to do to open the toilet well, you can use this method. Clogged toilet wells will most likely be remedied with this solution.

First prepare the following ingredients:

Half a cup of baking soda
Two glasses of vinegar
A bottle of soda

Now pour the soda into the tube, then the baking soda and then the vinegar into the tube. By pouring these three substances, a chemical reaction occurs that may cause the water to rise a little, in this case, do not worry at all.

After an hour or two, flush the toilet to see if the clogging is gone.

6. Rubber pump suitable for toilet

The toilet pump is slightly different from other pumps in terms of structure and appearance. A suitable toilet pump is made for the toilet pipe to have better efficiency.

The rubber part of the pump we are talking about is like the picture to apply more pressure and open the clog more easily.

If the toilet cistern is clogged with feces or paper towels, it will open easily with this tool, provided that the blockage of the pipe is not severe.

To pump, first place the pump on the pipe and if there is no water in the bowl, pour some water on it to make the pump work better. Then turn it up and down several times.

The pipe will most likely open after a few minutes.

7. Handmade hook with clothes hanger

If you are looking for the answer to how to open a toilet well, you can use the hook method.

You have to make this hook yourself using a clothes hanger. Make a clothes hanger and smooth out all the curves and just make the hanger look like a hook.

Then insert it into the pipe and remove the sludge and debris that has accumulated in the siphon and blocked the toilet. Finally, add some water to wash everything.

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