Usually relaxing and satisfying it is, to always listen to the crackling of the flames emanating from a fire pit, especially with the knowledge that the fire pit was created by you.

It is considered to be a perfect tool for late-night hangouts and evening barbecues. They also serve as additional decor for your already flourishing garden or backyard.

A fire pit is an attractive and alluring feature that should be in one's background. Its view is satisfactory and also keeps a warm and cool environment. A fire pit is mostly suitable for the cool seasons of the year.

They are being controlled by the rules provided under the local building codes. There are enshrined codes guiding fire pits construction and maintenance.

A fire pit could be built with rocks and with bricks. Special fireproof materials are always employed in building fire pits, in order to avoid fire accidents. This piece is meant to take on an insightful ride on how to use bricks to build your very own fire pit. Meanwhile, check here if you are in need of heating and furnace repair services.

Materials needed for building a fire pit.

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Shovel.
  3. A wheelbarrow
  4. A Trowel
  5. Stake
  6. Hand tamper tool.

Checklist of the steps you take to build a good fire pit.


1 MAKE THE PLAN: The first thing, to begin with, is figuring out the safest place to create your fire pit. It is expedient that you create it where there is less wind, so it is less likely to spread to any flammable object. It should also be at least 25-feet away from any house, barn, shed, or garage around. DO NOT build your fire pit close to any place that is flammable, including trees and bushes. You should also make sure you find a level ground to build the fire pit, in order to avoid a lopsided construction. You can also level the ground with a shovel by removing the raised spots and putting down the earth neatly. Aside from that, a person can also fill in the spots that are too low with the dirt you removed from the raised spots, to achieve an even ground.

  1. LAY THE FOUNDATION: After the making of your plan on how to go about building a fire pit, the next for you is to do execute your plan by laying the foundation of your fire pit. Dig a pit of how about 12-inch deep, loosely depending on your choice. Lay the foundation of your fire pit with concrete when you must have dug your pit meant for the burning fire. Make sure to cover the center of the of your pit with concrete. If you do not want to use sand, you could go for gravel. Either of them work perfectly well.
  1. BUILDING THE EXTERIOR WALL: The next step to take after making the foundation is to start building the outer part of the fire pit. You start setting appropriate stones on the concrete to build up a fall. The wall will serve as a shield for the fire.

Make sure you build the exterior part of the fire pit with beautiful and inviting stones with welcoming colors and shapes.

4 CONSTRUCTION OF THE INTERIOR WALL: After you must have built an outer part of the fire pit, which is expected to be a bit larger, you'll be required to build a smaller inner part as the host. You begin to set stones inside the built pit, giving the same shape as the outer part, but different sizes. Make it strong and agile. Afterward, you can then paint the walls to make them more attractive as you desire. It's also germane to let you know that it's very important for you to fix in steel and ring in your fire pit to prevent the wall from getting weak as a result of perpetual burning heat.


Building planning to build your fire pit, ensure to secure the approval of your local government authority. It would be an illegal act to do such a thing without their prior notice. I implore to do what is required before drawing out the plan.