how to make facebook ads campaign with easy step?

let's start with it okay now first ofall this video is for everybody whether you're workplace owner running ads onbehalf of clients or whether you are a business owner running ads for yourselfthis goes to assist you create your first ever ad get yourself found out learnabout targeting study creatives study all the things that we use inmy personal agency the affluent agency to get millions in revenue for ourclients everywhere the planet every single yearnow whatever you're doing immediately i would like you to shut all of your tabs put yourphone away get your notepad out and write these things down because this is often aheavy video there's such a lot for you to find out and i am not holding anything backI'm literally supplying you with it beat this video it's pure actionable value and infact we're getting to waste no longer let's jump straight into thepresentation immediately okay so we're gonna dive straight in with thistraining no fluff whatsoever i would like to form sure there's the maximum amount actionablevaluable advice as possible during this video so we're gonna cram loads in I'mgonna be talking at thousand miles an hour because I do anyway if I amspeaking too fast for you please do watch me on a special playback speedor watch this video back again because i do not want this to be hours and hourslong so Facebook advertise I'm gonna begin with some key stats on theFacebook advertising it's without a doubt the foremost lucrative advertisingplatform within the world immediately on the proper hand side this is often an example of aFacebook advert from a corporation called hellofresh read more