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Do not throw out broken or old iPhone screen

Throwing out e-waste is forever a bad idea. Because of some of the parts that go into these high-tech gadgets, it can be harmful to the environment to just toss them into a landfill. Luckily, a very high percentage of the materials found in these gadgets are capable to be repurposed or recycled in a way that not just keeps bad materials out of the dump but helps decrease the amount of power expended to mine or make more of these materials. Unluckily, until now it has been hard to find a firm who could make right use of these materials without having to ship them overseas at your cost just to hope that the deal goes through and they actually pay you for your materials.

You can use the money that you make from us to improve your shop, buy more parts that you actually require, or get the latest set of tools that will help you bring in more business. It just makes sense to sell us your used iPhone screen because, most of the time, you have no use for them and we can turn them into chilly harsh cash. You also get the relaxation of knowing that you are helping to stop the further spread of harmful substances into the atmosphere both in your town and across the planet.


Our mission

Specializing in smartphone recycling, our mission is to present you value of recovery by decreasing the environmental impact of the wireless industry.

Our programs

Sell your broken screen buyback and cellphone parts with ease and make money fast. We want you to earn cash for your broken LCD screens.

Our services

From sorting to redistributing and refurbishing, we simplify what to do with your old smartphone pieces and parts.


We trust in putting your company first, permitting you to increase your profits while we take your broken and old LCD screens and parts off your hands.

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