CA foundation course the first and prime level of the entire CA course. The complete duration of the CA course is 4.5 years. A student who has passed the 12th class can enroll for the CA foundation course through the foundation route. After the registration of CA foundation, students need to complete a 4 months period of study. It is assumed that a 4 months period of study is sufficient for students to qualify and be eligible for the second level CA Intermediate.

The syllabus of the CA foundation is very basic and totally based on the 11th and 12th class syllabus. But students should plan well. Time management plays a very essential role in achieving success in the CA foundation exam. Although to prepare for the CA foundation course in 4 months period is not a piece of cake it requires full dedication, continuous efforts, and smart planning. Every year thousands of students get registered but only a few get selected for it. Guidance and assistance in the proper direction can make you able to get success.

CA Foundations Paper Description

The first level of the CA foundation course is divided into four papers.

  1. Principle and Practice of Accounting
  2. Business Law and business correspondence and Reporting
  3. Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics
  4. Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

The first two papers are subjective and the latter two are objective based on MCQs. Students often get confused after registering for the CA foundation to study their preparation. Need not worry You have plenty of time you just need to follow a few tips to elevate the burden of preparation.

Tips to Channelize 4 month Preparation Time

To get succeed in the CA foundation level on the First attempt you need to manage few things while preparing for CA if you have prompt tips and techniques it will become easy for you to clear the CA foundation on the first attempt. If we are failing to plan, means we are planning to fail. Following are a few prompt tips

  • Stick to the Time Table:

The first and foremost step is planning. The half battle is already won if we have good planning to execute work. Distribute your 24 hours of a day in between your strongest and weakest subject and focus on it accordingly. And use your intervals of study in boosting positive energy. Preparation of every subjective and objective subject according to time table will help you in analyzing your performance.

  • Choose a good Mentor or Coaching Institute:

No doubt you can study CA on your own level but to conquer it successfully you need a push and only a mentor can push you to open the pores of your mind and clear the dust of doubt of your queries and make you learn the tricks and techniques to solve the questions in the stressful exam hours. So you need to choose a good mentor or institute to polish yourself.

  • Develop the skill of Statistic and Logical Reasoning:

The third and fourth paper is filled with mathematics equations, statistics, and logical reasoning. Most of the students who pursue CA foundation courses are from Non-mathematics backgrounds and they faced problems in solving equations in a quick way so it is necessary for them to focus more on learning tricks and shortcuts.

  • Practice again & again:

Regular practice will pay off in Preparation for CA foundation examinations. Because practice makes a man perfect. Students should continue the practice of each subject by Mock Test papers and online Question papers. Which are provided by the institute to their students. VSI provides the best mock test papers for better practice of their students on regular intervals.

  • Assemble own revision Notes:

Revision is very important to grasp concepts easily. If you will prepare your own revision notes then it would be better for concluding days you can cover the whole syllabus by revision notes.

  • Mastery over Calculator operating:

As you all know, the third and the fourth paper of CA foundation is totally based on Mathematics and Logical and statistical reasoning. If a student is fully aware of calculator shortcuts and tricks so he/she can save time in the exam.

  • Do Not use intuition:

The entire syllabus of the CA foundation course is divided into four papers among them two are subjective papers while two are objective with MCQs of 0.25 negative marking scheme. So the answer should not be based on intuition although it should be logical and mathematically correct.

  • Take short breaks from the study:

the continuous study can make students bore. Students should relax the mind so that their minds can work properly. A fresh and relaxed Mind can be more responsive toward studies.

  • Use Model Test Papers:

Model Test papers are a very rich source to evaluate performance, to check time management skills, and to understand more about paper patterns. Practice with the Model test paper is worth it.

  • Revision Times:

students should plan their studies like they can get a suitable time to revise the syllabus in the last month. Students should do more practice of question papers and model test papers in the last month of duration to revise the syllabus.

VSI Credibilities

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Yes, it's true that to prepare for the CA foundation in four-month is not an easy task but definitely, PLANNING, PREPARATION, and PERFORMANCE can make success possible. And No doubt VSI is the blend of triple “P”. VSI provides a well-planned schedule and study material to their students. VSI Expertise makes sure that students have not faced any issue in preparation for the exam. Even in COVID - 19, Pandemic VSI is not missing any opportunity to serve their students.VSI is conducting Online and Pendrive classes so that their students get connected with the faculty to resolve their queries. VSI Mock test papers and model test papers are assets for students. VSI dedication has created history in preparation for the CA foundation in four months.