Reduce hair fall! I have faced the same situation of hair fall, like many others!

Reduce hair fall
Reduce hair fall

It happens because of hormonal imbalance & Mainly, irregular routine like sleeping late at night, lack of organic, unprocessed & nutritious diet ( this I consider a primary reason), using chemical-laden products and so-called “hair treatments”, and lack of oil massage amongst many other reasons can be. do some massage with oil or you can also use a hair mask to reduce hair fall.

Below is some suggestion for you for lifestyle changes that you can incorporate to reverse the situation and keep your overall health in a proper condition.

  1. Start drinking the required amount of water, try to drink water in the morning with an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Make sure the water is at room temperature. Cold chilled water is harmful to you. You might not notice now, how important the temperature of the water is for our health but trust me once you start doing it, you will notice the changes in a due course of time.
  2. Make sure your gut is healthy and functions well too. Add curds in your meal, preferably home-made, not the processed ones they sell in the market. Curd is best to it in your breakfast, buttermilk during the day, and milk at night. Do not eat curd during night-time!
  3. To maintain a proper hormonal balance in your body, stick to the age-old sleeping pattern. Sleep early and wake up early. Don’t use electronic gadgets at night it interferes with your hormonal system. The hormonal system inside our body is very sensitive in nature. A single interference leads to a domino effect and hampers the proper functioning of our necessary bodily functions. So, try to sleep early at night and wake up early regularly. doing this you will get a positive result to Reduce Hair Fall.
  4. Workout daily, if you aren’t already. Workout for at least half an hour in the morning daily. This along with a good, organic, nutrition-rich diet will keep your engine in proper condition.
  5. Eat food prepared at your own home with natural organic food items only. Make sure that you wash your food items properly before cooking them, just to make sure that you wash the harmful chemicals that were sprayed over it back in the farms. You never know what things were added to the soil or plants for that matter to grow them. and the least we can do is to be aware and do whatever we can to eat clean. Nothing comes 100% pure these days, hence so many problems we face, even at such a young age.