As a startup, it’s necessary to work with technology that’s the most prevalent. And there’s probably nothing more prevalent out there than Android. By investing in Android application development, startups have greater opportunities to make a mark for themselves in this highly competitive business world. What follows are 8 reasons why startups should avail of Android app development services.

Reach a Larger Audience Did you know that Android holds 87% of the market share? That’s a pretty great number. With such a high market share, it’s obvious that Android apps have a larger audience reach as compared to iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. This is why it makes complete sense for startups to invest in Android application development, as this will help make their business solutions available to a larger number of users. However, the geographical location of your target audience also needs to be kept in mind. Android is more prominent in areas such as Europe, Africa, and Asia. But, if you’re target users reside in America, it makes more sense to develop an iOS app instead. A Larger Pool of Opportunities Startups face a number of risks, even when it comes to promoting their business solutions. However, by investing in Android application development and hiring Android app developers, a startup is able to create an Android app that is scalable and can target users more efficiently. In addition to this, obtaining feedback about the business solution also becomes much simpler. This, in turn, can help a startup improve and grow their solution accordingly. Lower Costs of Development and Quick ROI Android is an open-source platform, which makes Android mobile app development a cheaper affair. Accessing Android’s SDK is completely free. As startups face quite a few budgetary constraints, developing Android apps, with the help of Android app development services is wise. In addition to this, mobile applications can be marketed much faster than web applications, and so, offer a faster return on investment, as compared to that of web applications. App Creation is Faster As the code libraries of Android are easily available due to it being an open-source platform, Android mobile app development takes lesser time than web application development. That’s why, by hiring professional Android app development services, your startup will be able to obtain quicker returns on investment, which is something every startup really needs. Easily Avail the Necessary Resources If you decide to go ahead with Android application development, most of the resources you need are easily available and don’t cost bucket loads of money. The Android development SDK is available to everyone, and so, any developer can make use of their code libraries. Best Marketing Opportunities Unlike iOS, Android apps aren’t limited to just one app store. In addition to the Google Play Store, Android app developers are able to submit their apps — after verifying them, of course — to other third-party platforms. By doing this, app developers are able to make their apps available to users on a variety of platforms. Additionally, Android application development lets developers market their apps better, as Google Play allows app developers to select from a variety of marketing strategies that it offers. The Google Play Store also sees thousands of users every day, which means apps that are available there enjoy higher visibility. More Accessibility to Your Business Solutions Almost everyone out there has a smartphone that travels everywhere with them. This is precisely why mobile apps gain more traffic than web applications. By creating a mobile app for your business idea, you’ll need to make sure that your target audience is able to access your business solution from wherever they are. As most users spend more time on their smartphones than on a laptop or PC, it’s likely that they will access your app more. This will not only help you gain higher traffic but will also help build a brand presence in the mind of your user. For all of this, the professional aid of an Android apps development company is needed. More Options for Customization Android app development allows for more options when it comes to customization. This allows developers, who aren’t just Android app developers, to create apps that have various functionalities. This allows the app to become much more flexible and fit your business idea. Android allows for the integration of a number of tools ranging from communication and multimedia to data management. Whatever your business needs are, an Android app can be built to match them. Related Link:- HokuApps Creates an Effective Solution for The Severely Hit Events Business During the Pandemic HokuApps Redefining Vehicle Financing Operations for ELK-Desa Benefited During COVID-19 HokuApps Facilitates C2C Selling as a New Retail Avenue for De'Longhi Group