The issue of AOL not working or responding can happen due to various reasons – one is the web browser you usually use to access your AOL service. But don’t worry if you’re somehow failed to fix this sort of technical issue. Here’s how you learn the reasons as well as the resolutions.

Possible Reasons to Get AOL Not Working on Browser

  • Your web browser may not have been updated for a long.
  • If your AOL mail service failed to work on the browser, it could mean there is an issue on the server-side.
  • Browser’s cache and cookies.
  • You might have disabled JavaScript on your browser
  • Running of third-party security programs in your device.

Resolutions to Fix AOL Mail Not Working on Browser

Step 1: Restart your computer and start again to see if you’re able to access your AOL mail.

Step 2: Remove the browser’s cache and cookies.

Step 3: Enable the JavaScript from your web browser’s settings.

Step 4: Check for the latest updates available for your browser.

Step 5: Temporarily turn off any Antivirus program running in the background. And you must disable the extensions one by one to check if you’re able to access your AOL account.

Step 6: If you’re struggling with the AOL not receiving emails, you should go and check the filter settings.

In these ways, your issue with AOL not working or responding will be sorted out. If any help is needed, you can contact our technical expert team straight away.

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