This is where you can rent a car in Dubai for AED 31.5/day.

Renting a car may seem a difficult task, especially when they are extra expensive. First of all, there is a strange difficulty faced when searching out for a car which satisfies your space and performance needs, that is sometimes you are able to find the right car at the wrong price and at other times, the wrong car at the right price. It’s a confusing process that can really exhaust your cognitive powers causing further trouble in the process of selecting the right rental car.

But, you have an option of getting your rental car for as low as AED 31.5/ day which is 945.00 AED per month. There are several options which you can choose from and prices thereby vary.

But, to successfully land the right deal, which offers a car that satisfies your needs and comes at the right price, you need to know:

How much is renting a car in Dubai?

Economy Car per Day: 227.72 د.إ

Mini Car per Day: 275.47 د.إ to 249.76 د.إ

4 Wheeler per Day: 323.22 د.إ

Luxury: 716.23 د.إ to 624.40 د.إ

Different service provides offer different prices which lets you decide between yes or no, but doesn't let you decide a field criteria baes on which you will look for the same service at the right price across the service providers. Here is a criterion that can let you decide generally the price scale that you can ideally look for when looking for cars on rent in Dubai.

More detail can be found on the prices here.

Which car is best for rent:

What are your needs? There are different cars to serve different needs. Here is a list of the most famous cars to be rented in the United Arab Emirates to get you started type Mountly car rentals in Dubai.

Renting a car is easy, we make it difficult by choosing those service providers who misalign with our needs, they are simply meant to target a different audience. By choosing differently, it can make a difference.

Don’t be confused, here is a platform which lets you avail of easy service at convenient prices.