boat vinyls Spain

From a range of thousands of bright, full colour and single colour boat graphics, it's easy to choose a graphic to enhance your boat name.

We used to hold a large stock of images but inevitably after being asked for an image of a sad donkey wearing a leather jacket and smoking a cheroot and amazingly having a matching graphic to match and supply we were told "It looks more disappointed than sad... do you have another one?"

We realised that graphics are so subjective and personal we could never exactly match our client's expectations first time so after much deliberation we have selected to be our supplier of choice for high quality print files.

RIB vinyls

They are an Image resource centre aimed at professional designers (with an account) supplying high quality print ready graphics for download and print. As all things of any quality they are not for free! But... they are perfect to print from unlike 99% of files pulled from the Internet. (jpegs & thumbnails that are about 75dpi... useless!)

What does it all cost? These are just guide prices and will be confirmed to you. There is no hiding it, but It can get quite expensive. First you need to choose an image We have an account at Shutterstock and a download costs a one-off user fee of €15.00.

Boat name vinyls

The harsh but honest truth. (Try to find another printer who will tell you this) Nearly all Digital Print uses Eco water soluble Inks or toner.

Typically these will last a couple of years before fading noticeably. This is fine for Sponsor logos etc and labelling that does not require a n extended life. but not for long term decals subjected to prolonged exposure to reflected UV from the sea etc. To extend their life to approximately match the cut vinyl they need either a spray or laminate UV protection which essentially doubles the price.

Boat decals Spain

When you find one that you like make a note of the catalogue number and email it to us with any details like height , quantity required and whether you want it UV protected or not and we will get back to you with a price as soon as is reasonable possible.

Can you design a name for me?Yes we can. We charge €60.00 to design and supply three digital proofs. You then have the cost of producing the graphics.

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