The most requested feature of Call of Duty: Warzone has finally been released. To make the Battle Royale match more competitive, developers have added the private lobby feature. Indeed, the 100 players Battle Royale matches are quite challenging and enjoyable. Now in the latest update, players can create their private lobbies to challenge certain opponents.

However, the private lobby option is available on the beta version. Players can create a lobby of a total of 100 players for the squad match or certain tools tournament. 

At the same time, there are certain rules that players have to fully follow after entering the private lobby. The one who has created the lobby will have full control over it, and that player can remove or invite any player in the room.

Starting a Private Match

Before starting the match, each mode requires you to have a minimum number of players. Having a large number of players in the lobby makes the match more interesting and enjoyable. The minimum number of players as follows:

  • Core Battle Royale – 50 Players
  • Plunder – 30 Players
  • Mini Royale – 24 Players

Players can also create their server if they have the minimum number of players. Follow the following steps to create your server:

Enter the Call of Duty: Warzone main menu and choose the “Private Match,” “Practice Mode” option.

  • Choose “Private Match.”
  • Select your desired mode under the Plunder tab or Battle Royale.
  • Secret “Random” or “Choose Squad.”
  • Invite players in the lobby. The main player of the lobby can manage all the players by using the “Change Squad” menu.

Almost every player of Call of Duty: Warzone is excited to play this new mode, but because of the high demand, the game developers have introduced only a few options in it. However, playing in this mode will be great, and most likely, the official mode will also provide the same experience but along with some extra features. 

Along with this new feature, the developer of Call of Duty: Warzone has introduced several more interesting items in the game. In the current season, several new weapons have arrived. However, players are curious to know what the best loadouts are for them.


Call of Duty: Warzone is among the best Battle Royale games. After Gulag, the private lobby is the most admired feature by the fans. The great thing about private lobbies is that even if a player dies in the early minutes, they’ll not lose any rank. Currently, the private lobby feature is available on the beta version, but players will get more interesting features once the official version is live. 

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