The iPhone battery can last up to 10 to 11 hours with normal use. If you find that your original iPhone's battery is draining faster than usual, you can increase the battery life of your smart device by following the tips in this article. Stay with us.

How to save battery on iPhone or iPad?
Rapid battery drain may be due to hardware problems with the device or some software issues. Because fixing hardware issues requires expertise in repairing Apple products, we will focus only on software solutions to increase battery life. Here are 12 of the most important ways to prevent premature discharge of iPhone batteries

Recommended Battery Health option in the settings section

On iOS 13, the iPhone has special settings to save battery power.

Open the Settings app
Scroll down and select Battery
Select Battery Health
This feature gives you a lot of possibilities. If you do not want to change the suggested options, activating Battery Health saves at least some battery life.

Decrease the screen brightness
You can easily and manually dim the screen. Also, by activating the automatic brightness settings, the screen brightness is adjusted automatically based on the amount of ambient light. Follow the steps below to enable this feature.

Open the Settings app
Enter the General section
Select Accessibility and then Display & Text Size
Enable the Auto-Brightness option

Disable Raise to Wake on your phone

Raise to Wake feature is enabled by default on all iPhone models. This feature allows you to see the screen light up by placing the phone in front of your face. This feature may inadvertently increase your phone's battery consumption. You can easily disable Raise to Wake.
Open the Settings app
Scroll down and select Display & Brightness
Disable Raise to Wake

Update all apps on your phone

Lack of updates to phone apps helps drain the battery. Try to update the programs as soon as they are released.

Open the App Store
Select your account icon at the top right of the screen
Select Update All and then Done

Reduce the number of screen widgets

Widgets let you view daily information such as weather, calendar events, activity progress, and more more quickly. But all of these widgets increase the phone's battery consumption to display up-to-date information. If the iPhone battery is running low, get rid of the widgets by following the steps below.
On the Today View page, select Edit (unlock the page)
To delete widgets, tap the red circle next to the widget name
Then select Remove
Select the Done option at the top of the page

Clear your phone of extra data and apps

Filling the mobile storage space is not ineffective in increasing battery consumption. Some apps are never used and we never need some data that has been stored in the phone over time. Increase phone battery life by removing extra apps and unused information.

If you think you may need the information on your mobile phone in the future, you can transfer this information to your computer or use a flash memory to save data with the help of OTG cable. The iCloud cloud service is also a great storage option built into Apple products.

Turn off Background App Refresh

Allows you to update and restore all apps in the background draining the phone. Follow the steps below to turn off this feature.
Open the Settings app
Select General and then Background App Refresh
Select the Background App Refresh option again and select the Off option

Activate location services only when needed

Location service is another item that can drain the battery. Some apps need to run for a variety of reasons to get your location enabled, but most do not need to track your location when using the app.

In the Settings section, you can enable the app to permanently access the location, or leave it on only when you are using the app. There are also 2 other options, ie "not available" or "ask next time". Follow the steps below to change the settings in this section.

Open the Settings app
Select Privacy and then Location Services
By selecting the desired program, you will see the 4 mentioned options in front of you