A new action-adventure video game known as Bugsnax has recently arrived. The game has been developed under the supervision of Young Horses and was released on 12th November 2020. Bugsnax features an exposure of a secret island known as Snaktooth Island, where several magical creatures reside. Thus, the game’s objective requires the gamers to catch these creatures in half bug-half snack’s form. Besides, Snaktooth Island conceals numerous secrets within itself. Fortunately, one of its mysteries has been unveiled recently by a group of gamers over social media. The secret is about a shortcut passage between Boiling Bay and Sizzlin Sands. Thus, in this article, we are going to brief the gamers about this secret shortcut comprehensively. Furthermore, below we have provided an excellent guide to find the secret shortcut from Boiling Bay to Sizzlin Sands in Bugsnax.

Where to Find the Boiling Bay to Sizzlin Sands Shortcut in Bugsnax

Gamers need to know that the shortcuts in Bugsnax will help them accomplish sideline and main storyline quests quickly. Similar is with the Boiling Bay to Sizzlin Sands Shortcut that will reduce the time players invest in traveling through Snaxburg, Scorched Gorge, and Shimmering Springs. Now, they can straightforwardly cover the same distance in less time through this shortcut. More importantly, every shortcut in Bugsnax is linked to a trophy, and gamers who travel through them will receive one reward. Thus, it makes this challenge even more intriguing for gamers.

First, players need to know that this shortcut can be accessed through Sizzlin Sands or Boiling Bay. Gamers who are willing to open it through Sizzlin Sands need to navigate four statues of Serpentine. In contrast, gamers who want to open this shortcut from Boiling Bay need to step into the Lava cave and locate the Cocomites statues near the walls.

The gamers need to activate the statues by moving either their hand or head to open the shortcut. More importantly, gamers need to know that the unlocking part of the statues should be moved in the opposite direction to the adjacent statue. In case players move the parts in the wrong position, then the statue will begin to collapse into the sand.

Moreover, gamers need to know that there are plenty of essential items available in this shortcut.


Bugsnax is challenging its gamers to uncover the secrets hidden in Snaktooth Island. Unfortunately, so far, gamers have only succeeded in finding one of the secret shortcuts in this game that leads from Boiling Bay to Sizzlin Sands. It is undoubtedly a complicated task for the gamers to open this shortcut on their own. Gamers can play Bugsnax on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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