When developing a custom mobile app for your enterprise, it’s important to decide which platform you are going to build the app on — a decision that can be quite a challenge to make. Sure, you could always choose to develop a cross-platform app. But what do you do when you need to develop a native one?

Well, although Android apps occupy a good 80% of the market share, iOS mobile app development does come with a number of benefits. If you’re wondering what these benefits are, keep on reading to find out. Efficient Power Management Yes, Apple devices do have a reputation for not having a long battery life. However, this does not hold true for iOS apps. When it comes to power management, iOS is miles ahead of its competition. This is because iOS is completely inhospitable to third-party apps that keep running in the background. Hence, by engaging in iOS app development, you’ll satisfy your users better when it comes to preserving the power of their devices. More Compatibility iOS devices tend to be more compatible with one another, unlike Android devices. This is why, if you engage in iOS mobile app development, it’ll be much simpler for you to focus solely on the development and improving the app’s functionality, instead of compatibility. USB Audio Devices Are Supported Better iOS devices are able to play, as well as record audio with their own USB devices — and this is something that is not available on Android phones. This is because an Android device’s USB port is unable to host audio devices. Due to this, many people prefer iOS devices, as their audio and music features are better. iOS Apps Are of a Better Quality It’s true that there are more apps being developed with Android than with iOS. However, when quality is taken into consideration, iOS apps win hands down. if you choose to go with iOS app development services, you’ll have a custom mobile app that is excellent in terms of quality, especially when it comes to games, children’s apps, and media. There’s No Carrier Data with iOS Apps Android smartphones and other devices tend to get overloaded with third-party apps that are not of the best quality, and that have extremely high subscription charges. A number of pre-installed apps too, don’t always match their promised standards of quality. This is where iOS application development triumphs. Apple devices make no room for any sort of carrier junk or unnecessary apps. And that’s why you must consider iOS app development when developing your own custom mobile app. iOS Apps Provide a Complemented User Experience iOS devices have a similar user experience, no matter which version they run on. The only major change came with iOS 7. On the other hand, Android differs from manufacturer to manufacturer due to skinning. This way, fragmentation is one of the biggest problems with Android app development. Approximately 60% of all iPhone users are using the newest iOS version, whereas less than 10% of Android users are using the latest version of the OS. In addition to this, there are a number of carriers and manufacturers that don’t update their users about the latest Android version. This is why it’s beneficial to go with iOS mobile app development. Apple does not permit skinning and allows all its users—across all its devices— to update to the newest OS version for a user experience that is more consistent. HTML Support is Better If you choose to avail the services of iOS mobile app development companies, then you’ll most likely be guaranteed better HTML support. This is important, as HTML 5 can replace Flash in order to cater to multimedia-related needs of users. This in turn, could result in a significant increase in the use of Apple devices. The App Icons Are More Dynamic It’s common knowledge that the UI of iOS is much more aesthetically pleasing than that of Android. This is why, when you engage in iOS mobile app development, the icon — which sort of acts as the face of your app — will be much more pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, some folders and apps on iOS are able to show the user they have notifications, without them having to log in. Tablet-Friendly App Listings Apple’s App Store manages its long listings of apps categorically, which is why iPhone apps and iPad apps are listed separately. This makes finding the right app much easier. After all, iPad apps have been designed to suit larger screens. An Advanced and Improved Siri Siri is one of the most popular voice assistants out there and is now even better than before. By engaging in iOS application development, your app will also enjoy the support of Siri, which now comes with a number of cool features thanks to advanced AI technology. This allows Siri to answer a large variety of questions satisfactorily. Related Link:- HokuApps Creates an Effective Solution for The Severely Hit Events Business During the Pandemic HokuApps Redefining Vehicle Financing Operations for ELK-Desa Benefited During COVID-19 HokuApps Facilitates C2C Selling as a New Retail Avenue for De'Longhi Group