Increasing populations of people use complementary and/or alternative medicine in one way or another. Many use alternative medicine to promote overall health while others may use it in treating a particular health condition. In some cases, while treating a health condition using alternative medicine, one may experience a reaction called a healing crisis. A healing crisis is a temporary worsening of symptoms of an ailment at the beginning of the administration of a treatment. This is not the same as an adverse effect of the treatment which is undesired and likely harmful. A healing crisis can be common with estimates putting it at 10 to 75 percent frequency.
Herbal medicines (herbs) are popular among the respondents but talking about the potential toxicities they appear to be ignorant. there might be a possibility of the necessity to evaluate the safety, efficacy, & quality of herbal medicines and their products through randomized clinical trial studies. Public enlightening programs/events about the safe use of the herbs for health care may be necessary as the means of potential-adverse effects minimizing.
As we all know that nowadays everyone is using herbal meds particularly Nigeria people because of its scent, flavor, or curative properties. Herbal Medication popularly known as an herb; is used widely by which consists of roots, seeds, leaves. Everybody likes to buy herbs as per the rising international trend for the sake of these health advancements. To put it differently, herbs are an immunity booster for all poor & medical problems putting up with patients. If you have arthritis issues it is possible to use it as arthritis medicine. Needless to say, herbs are a blessing to human beings though.