Everyone’s spiritual journey is extremely personalized. We all have our beliefs when it comes to prayers and faith. Thus, our idea of a spiritual space that is the pooja room designs for home is also different. We believe that worshipping brings prosperity, happiness, and peace in our lives and therefore our pooja room should be created, accordingly.

With so many different cultures, castes, and religions in our Indian society, it is necessary that our pooja room compliments all the aspects. Considering the space as well as the interior of your home, you can decide on the kind of a pooja mandir for home.

The pooja rooms for home combine traditions, spirituality, creativity, and innovations together. There are various designs that can be tried for big as well as small homes. Among all the designs the most popular ones are the wooden pooja mandir for home. It makes your home look splendid and royal. Many of them are hand carved that provides a personalized look as per your requirements.

To inspire you, we have rounded up some of the remarkable ideas for pooja room designs.

1) Big Sized Pooja Room Design

Many houses have separate pooja rooms. Where big sized wooden pooja mandir, usually of size 10x8x9 ft (lbh) can be placed. These rooms also have an ample amount of storage space for pooja items. This gives you an opportunity to create a novel pooja mandir design. For example, You can also fit some gorgeous brass accessories such as hanging diya, peacock brass hanging, elephant brass hanging, god idols, etc. This will totally enhance the vibe of your pooja room. Walls colours like white, off-white, cream will complement well with the brass hangings and wooden mandir. If you have a big bungalow or spacious flats, the big-sized pooja mandir is an ideal idea for your home.

2) Small Sized Pooja Room Design

Today’s modern homes come with a lot of conventional features but have cramped areas. These kinds of small houses have a special corner-space for pooja mandir. A small wooden pooja mandir for your home will complete its interior. A pooja mandir of 3x2x4 ft (lbh) size can be fitted so that you will also get some space for decorating it with elegant accessories. Fitting it with thin brass or wooden jaali doors will make your pooja room design more attractive.

3) Traditional Pooja Room Design

Sticking to your roots is always the best way. Thus, a wooden mandir with traditional Indian style is often the go-to choice of many people. Placing a wooden carved pooja mandir behind a wooden-textured tiled wall, hanging golden brass Diyas and a bell is a downright classic pooja room design. You can even update it with some old lamps with a brownish or reddish tone. A carved backlit jaali with an impression of on or sun caved on it combined with a wooden hand-crafted central unit (pooja mandir) will give your pooja room a temple style traditional look.

4) Modern Pooja Mandir Design

With all the conventional interior designs the parameters of pooja rooms have also upgraded. Instead of keeping the idols behind the doors, they are now kept on an open platform. The beauty of these platforms is amplified with a painted wall with various textures and impressions. The background, as well as platform, is chosen that will complement the up-to-the-minute granite or marble flooring. It is decorated with minimalistic accessories and furniture. But if you fancy them, you can always go for glass doors and modern lamps.

5) Pooja Room Designs for Your Homes in Overseas

Wherever you go in this world, the one thing that you miss the most is a homely vibe. One way of creating it is by fitting a traditional and vintage pooja mandir for home. In the USA or Australia, the homes are very big so they have a separate area for pooja room. These rooms have large windows for natural light to come in. A large-sized wooden pooja mandir featured with base drawers and cabinets will be an idyllic choice. You can also keep small tables complimenting the pooja room designs in corners to keep decorative items such as plants and flower vase.


You can personalise your pooja room for home with Darsh Home Decor (MA Enterprise) ready-made pooja mandir designs. You can also order custom made pooja mandirs as per your space requirements and interior. We ship pooja mandirs to your doorsteps to USA, Australia, UK, etc.