With the onset of the holiday season, 'happy days are here again' for the businesses after a significant gloom.

Digitization had seen a giant leap since the outburst of the global Covid-19 pandemic as businesses worldwide were looking for survival while adjusting to the 'new normal.' It is not unknown that mobile apps have completely transformed how new-age consumers buy products and go about their day-to-day work.

Inculcating mobile apps' services becomes even more critical during the current festive season as the majority of the buyers would prefer the online platforms to abide by the social distancing rules. Concentrating on the mobile-first approach will benefit the businesses as a large chunk of their customers would like to use their mobile apps to order the concerned items.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has been the real disrupter in the business realm, which has forced the organizations to re-organize their strategy to stay relevant.

Impact of Covid-19 on businesses

Every industry has been hit immensely by the sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus. The auto industry has seen the worst effects as the profits are expected to fall over $100 billion worldwide in 2020. The restaurant and the tourism industry have also taken a significant hit. It is said that the tourism industry might go 20 years back due to the repercussions of the global pandemic.

Source: Neilpatel.com

It is estimated that the global Coronavirus pandemic will cost a whopping sum of $2.7 trillion to the worldwide economy.

Festive seasons – a ray of hope

At this time of distress, the festive season has come like a ‘boon’ for the world economy. Moreover, online applications' increased usage makes mobile apps the perfect medium for the business to get back on track and revive themselves during the festive season. Using mobile applications during festive season for your business would be the extra fuel that you need to pump your business again.

In this blog, we will answer the million-dollar question of how implementing the mobile app strategy can help you increase your business sales in the festive season.

The legend of constituting a 'Loyalty Program'

Having a loyal program can give your business a much-needed head start over your peers. You can use the users' previous data and use emphatic survey tools; you can effectively market your product to the customers. Stats show that if the customer is offered a valid and authentic reward, over 80% of the customers will not think twice to change their preferred brand happily.

Reward points will make the customer go in an 'infinite happy loop' of buying as more 'points' means more rewards, and to get those points, they have to do more shopping. Leading Ecommerce platforms Amazon has implemented the loyalty program method to good effect and reaps rich benefits from it. During the recently completed sale, a leader like Amazon and Flipkart earned $3 billion only from the Indian market.

Push your business high through ‘Push Notifications’

The most significant benefit of having a mobile app for your business and especially during the festive season is that you can be more personalized and direct with your potential customers. Through smartly designed push notifications, the companies can ride on the 'holiday euphoria' of the people.

The push notifications can work like an enticing card for your business products. The message would be highly personalized, designed according to the recent buying history of a particular user. As for example, during the Diwali festival sale or the Christmas sale, the companies can target their customers with lucrative offers according to the festival. Push notifications here would play a major role as it would allow you to give a short but effective message about the offer to your potential customers. In addition, you can plan a specific time or method to send in the push notifications through mobile apps; shoppers can buy their thing anywhere.

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