Washing machines are critical for ensuring proper operations within many businesses. A variety of large, small and medium sized businesses including restaurants, hotels and B&Bs rely heavily on the use of laundry washing machines. Nowadays, there are several different categories of washing machines such as commercial washing machines, coin operated washing machines and industrial laundry washing machines designed for business use available in the market. Out of all these categories, industrial laundry washing machine works best for majority of the businesses. Although finding the machine most suitable for a business’s specific requirement is very important, many business owners and buyers find this difficult to accomplish, given the sheer variety of industrial laundry washing machines available in the market.

Therefore, here in this article we’ve listed a few things and questions that a buyer must consider and look out for when searching for the perfect washing machine. Having a list of all the important features and questions handy will be invaluable when it comes to discussing what types of service the buyer expects from the machine and washing machine supplier.

So, before making any decision, make sure that you- as a buyer, has checked these conditions first-

  1. Loading capacity of the machine: The first and foremost important thing which a buyer should check before buying a washing machine is to make sure that the machine can handle the conditions or materials that the buyer intends on using. The washing machines designed nowadays come within a range of sizes and loading capacity. A domestic washing machine built for washing everyday clothing can carry up to 5kgs of load, but isn’t going to handle the constant loads of towels or bed sheets an industrial laundry washing machine can.
  2. Durability of the machine: Dust, dirt, and differing temperatures are common things within a business and will be flying around washing machines most of the times. That is why, it is important for the buyer to be sure that the machine will be able to withstand harsh conditions. Considerations should be made for machines on generator power and tank water.
  3. Availability of machine’s spare parts: No washing machine in the world can prove to be useful if its spare parts aren’t available. This is because in cases of disaster and emergencies, the integral part of the machines will need replacing on short notice and for which easy availability of the machine’s spare parts is very important. Therefore, a buyer must prefer purchasing a machine whose spare parts come handy.

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