What can be more captivating then partying on the waters? Float away into a fascinating world of celebrations at the Fathom Lounge on-board Angriya, the best cruise ship in India.

CELEBRATE AT THE LOUNGE - What can be more captivating then partying on the waters? Float away into a fascinating world of celebrations at the Fathom Lounge on-board Cruise from Mumbai to Gao! Unleash the party animal within you at the lounge and complete your wonderful lounging experience with the bars here. It is certainly the most happening place on this vessel. Experience uninterrupted sea magic!

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SEA HORSE -Happiness begins when you start dancing! Named after the surf on the wave, Sea Horse is a paradise for party lovers. Party magic is all you need with some happening music in the sea’s company! Drop in at the Sea Horse bar on-board Angriya and forget the world. Groove to some amazing tunes, treat yourself to some yummy finger food, and dance away! Timings: 9.00 PM - 4.00 AM

SORRO DI -Raise a toast to the ravishing sea at Sorro Di! A name that originates from the famous Goan folklore "Yo baile yo, sorro maka di pailo", Sorro Di literally means 'Give me a drink'. Rock with the waves and give your soul a truly unforgettable sea experience at the Sorro Di Bar, on-board Angriya. Timings: 9.00 PM - 4.00 AM

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create awareness and appreciation for our rich marine life, cultural treasures, ancient forts, and breathtaking natural gifts that make the Indian Sea a wonder in itself. In this effort, we wish to set an example as an informative and sustainable model of a ship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve with passion, care, safety and delight all those onboard with unforgettable experiences. We aim to bring out the best of the sea by showcasing India’s marine waterways, ports, and people.

About Us:

The waves sing, the breeze joins in and the sea spell takes over. Angriya, India's first domestic cruise liner is all set to enchant you with its mesmerizing sights of the pristine Kankan Coast, unfolding its coral diversity and royal sea forts along the way! Today, we bring you a never-before joy that comes in a majestic vessel.

Welcome to a sea-facing experience from Mumbai to Goa and back! Angriya withholds a rich legacy of the first Admiral of the Maratha Navy, Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, popularly known as the Shivaji of the Indian Sea. Angriya is a treasure trove of many spell-binding experiences that will have you awestruck.

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