How should you tackle Pressure Washing in Galena Park your premises? The answer is more complex than you even realize. Soft washing and Pressure Washing are the two main methods for cleaning surfaces of your property, but they are very diverse in scope. In fact, they are both placed in the “power washing” genre, it’s crucial to know when and how to use each method.
For example, if you are using high pressure to remove the general surface driveway of your house, you may run the risk of structurally compromising that surface. Comparatively, a soft wash may not thoroughly clean the surface just like you want if the proper detergents are not utilized.
There is a clear separation between a Pressure Washing in Galena Park and a soft wash, and the situations for which each led them greatly differ. Our goal is to make ensure you understand your options and process that caters to the surface that is being cleaned.
What is Pressure Washing?
Pressure Washing in Galena Park is accomplished using water under pressure (or PSI) that is specially designed to clean stronger on the surfaces with more heavily embedded or stubborn contaminants. It is usually the best approach to remove loose paint or stain in preparation for another application repaint procedure. A major flaw of using high pressure to wash the siding of the surface on a home is that you can easily damage the surfaces if performed incorrectly on your own. Hire J Ashe Pressure Wash service, all you need is to call us and schedule an appointment.
Pressure Washing in Galena Park is appropriate for preparing aluminum siding for paint but is not the suggested and suitable method to use without the intention of painting afterward especially without any professional consultation. Resultantly, you run the risk of removing the finish of the siding. Concrete over three years old can also give benefit from a Pressure Washing in Galena Park, but you should always aware of the caution. Lastly, high pressure is not suggested for cleaning your roof since you can cause damage to your shingles and run the risk of nullifying its warranty which can also cause leakages and damage to your roof.
In short, Pressure Washing in Galena Park is best for:
· Removing loose and old paint from wooden and aluminum.
· Preparing wooden or aluminum siding for paint on them.
· Preparing decks for staining (removing grayed out wood fibers and stain/paint).
· Washing concrete that is three years old or more.
Concrete less than three years old requires a soft wash, and this is mainly to ensure the structural integrity of the surface and perhaps it is not compromised. The best method for the roof is to protect the surface requires a wash that is even softer than a basic soft wash. When you are considering a standard cleaning of your house, deck, roof, or newer concrete, soft washing is the recommended method.
How J Ashe Pressure Wash Can Help
Whether you are looking for a project that requires Pressure Washing in Galena Park or a soft wash, J Ashe Pressure Wash has the team to fulfill your needs. Give us a call for a free quote and schedule an appointment today.