Well, a presentation clicker is a device used to point at the presentation screen using a laser. You can also use a stick for that purpose but it will put a strain on your arm due to continuous stretching. Laser pointer also gives you the freedom of moving away from the presentation screen. The other amazing feature is that you can control the slides right from your presentation clicker.

Well, there are many interesting features that you can look upon in the best laser pointers for presentations which are as follows:

Laser Light:

Well, of course, this is surely the most important feature that you can look at in any laser pointer. There are two most common types of laser lights Red and Green. Both have their PROS and CON, but I would prefer the green one. Because the green laser light can easily be visible even on LCD, LED, or TV screen. The Green laser time is more powerful than the Red laser light.

Working Distance:

Well, the working distance totally depends on its wireless range. Most of the presentation clickers have at least 100 feet range which is pretty enough to use it pretty away from the receiver. So, you can easily move around in a big conference hall while delivering your presentation.

Shape and Size:

The size should not be too large and the shape is such that to provide a good grip in your hand. Also, the buttons should be easy to use and should be widely separated from each other.


Well, a good laser pointer should have wide compatibility with almost all operating systems.

Micro SD:

Well, it is not a must-have feature. But it is a very interesting and useful feature to have in a presentation clicker. You can copy the ppt directly to the micro SD and insert it in the presentation clicker to use.

Battery Life:

A good presentation clicker provides a better battery life. There are many presentation clickers that support rechargeable batteries which is surely a plus point.


There is some presentation clicker that has a timer and LCD display. you can set the timer and it will give you vibration alerts after specific intervals of time.

Well, the above-mentioned features are some of the most important features that you can consider before buying. There can be more features that you can see, but the above-mentioned factors are enough to choose the best laser pointer for presentation.