From unauthorized access to large-scale theft of confidential data- the range of damage cyberattacks can do to organizations is huge, which can bring any company to ruin. Awfully, the corporate world has witnessed double blows in the year 2020. One in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, and two in the form of the highest number ever of cyber incidents. What makes the impact of cyber attacks worse is the fact that the recovery costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, the victim company has to deal with the ire of customers and investors.

As a C-suite executive, you need to ensure that all customer-related and confidential data have secure access in line with market-based regulations and company policy. With this, you have to consider the cost factor for establishing secure access while bringing innovation and optimization to your system. But what if something goes wrong and your company becomes a victim of a cyber attack? Your IT team strives to get the affected services and security arrangements back up and running soon.

Reimagine this scenario when you have implemented WFH (Work from Home) policy. In today’s pandemic age, WFH has already become a new norm for almost all industry sectors worldwide. The home system is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and malware as compared to the corporate system, and as a result, the confidential corporate data and personal data of your customers can be at the highest risk.

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