It is believed that the universe, in fact, the entire cosmos, is made up of energy. Energy can be made, created and even nurtured, but it can never be destroyed. It is the single most indestructible nuance of our known universe. This energy manifests in us in the form of our aura and our vibes. This is the belief of the traditional healing system, which helps to restore the flow of energy throughout the body, mind and soul. The technique of restoring balance and energy has a direct relationship with the physical, mental or psychological and spiritual aspects of all human beings.

Healing Energy Tools and techniques are often the ways adopted by modern healers to restore energy flow, especially in medical conditions relating to mental health. It is believed that the disturbance in the energy flow causes these illnesses, and once it is fixed, the person can heal automatically. Here is a list of some of the most effective healing techniques are enumerated as follows –


Reiki is a Japanese healing process that is used along with traditional medicine to cure any illness of a person. Being one of the best healing energy tools, it uses the energy of the healer to heal or restore the energy of the other person and cure illnesses. The therapy uses elaborate hand movements and specific symbols to channelize universal energy in the healing process.

Pranic Healing

This healing process refers to the energy as life force and uses this life force to restore and heal the body energy. This therapy is particularly useful when focused on the aura or body energy of the person. Through therapeutic healing, this process draws out the toxins from the body and enhances the healing of the physical process.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing, one of the well-known healing energy tools, uses various stones and crystals in the healing process intending to draw away toxic impurities from the body. It is generally believed that these stones and crystals have a different effect on the body and specifically target the different kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual problems. They also prevent any form of negative energy from creating any emotional, spiritual and physical problems. Crystal Healing focuses on the overall wellness of the mind, body and soul.

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing therapy emphasizes the principles of entertainment and resonance. The various breathing techniques and the visualization of the flow of energy help to escalate and boost the energy levels in the body. The Quantum Healing is a spiritual as well as a physical healing system. This is because the process helps to boost the energy flow that directly affects the spirit or the soul and also has a positive effect on the immune system of the body.


Qigong therapy is one of the most ancient forms of energy healing practices that exists even today and dates back to almost 4,000 years before. This therapy is used to regain the balance of the body with the help of coordinated body movements and breathing. Emanating primarily from Chinese medicine it ensures that the positive energy of the body is balanced and therefore, that energy keeps the body healthy.

Primarily, these healing energy tools use such methods and tools along with meditation to boost health as well as spirituality. These healing process range from curing specific illnesses to promoting general wellbeing.