For any small business, this just goes to show that print marketing and branded promotional products advertising should be an integral part of any successful marketing strategy. Here are some ways you can use promotional products to market your small business:

  1. Choose quality and utility to increase brand loyalty and staying power

The quality of the promotional products being given to your target audience and whether or not those items are useful to them are the two biggest factors in enhancing brand loyalty.

Promotional items that are seen as well-made and useful will be kept for longer periods of time, which only increases the amount of times your logo remains in front of customers. Considering it takes 5-7 impressions per person for your logo to be remembered by clients, the more time your products are in their hands and in their homes, the better.

  • Use tech trends to your advantage

Mobile phone power banks have become popular promotional products that are kept for an average of two years or longer, according to ASI. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your brand right in front of your customers when they go to charge their smartphones?

  • Be active in the community

By attending community events and supporting local organizations you are bound to make a positive difference, and the promo items you bring to these events could very well be the difference makers in further distinguishing your brand. Choose promo items you know they will be able to use both at the event and afterwards to maximize the impact they have on your target audience.


You can choose branded apparel too to form a good impression. A quality piece of apparel is sure to be appreciated by clients and help strengthen brand loyalty.