Android App Development is the trend in 2020 and never ending trend in 2021 also, and this trend is substantiated by increasing number of apps in the google playstore and the number of downloads of apps The trends also depends on how user friendly apps are and android apps are almost user friendly

Lets start looking at the trends that can take the android app development forward for the year 2021

Instant Android Apps
Instant Apps are those which lets us to use the app without getting it installed, this avoids downloading the apps but instead uses the web fast and directly with out installing them

This technology is not new but for sure it will be a trend going forward since it can save a lot of space on the mobile that is being used .This would be most used for the ecommerce and gaming applications and one of the major advantage of instant apps are that it fits well across all the android gadgets and can have extremely well ui and ux for all the device

Blockchain technologies

This is the technology more suited for the financial segments like banks and stock exchange and other highly secured segments of app development. A survey shows that 84% of the global companies have are engaged in block chain technology and this is the perfect choice for the android app development which is the becoming trend going forward

The prime advantages of block chain technologies are

The concept of the data loss is very less and

Works better if there is a case of the network failure

Blockchain android apps are better for the safe and the secure apps

Machine learning and artificial intelligence
Since cloud computing has brought a massive amount of computing strength for each organization, creating AI models that augment regular procedures or perform tasks (which were unthinkable before) became easier. As per sccenture, now modern AI accessible can enhance productivity by up to 40%.

The versatility of solutions is both the strength and weakness of AI development. You can apply them for automating different tasks, incorporating image identification, natural language processing, or data analytics.

Furthermore, just the training procedure is computing-heavy. The present trained neural network can be introduced and efficiently utilized on smart devices, without consuming the processor.

Multiplatform development
Flutter is a new technology from Google and the future of android app development also. This framework allows app development using a native interface for platforms like iOS and Android.

Many developers select this platform as a tool for building mobile apps because of its combinability and flexibility.

Some key reasons to choose Flutter include:

  • Native design
  • Easy to learn feature
  • MVP development

ChatBots/Google Assistant
More entrepreneurs or business owners will find an interest in combining the services and content of their applications with the Google Assistant in 2021.

The prime benefit of using this integration is that you can offer quicker ways for users to use your app straight in the Assistant. With App Actions, you can deep-link to particular functions within your mobile app from the Google Assistant.

Android Slices, another feature, enables developers to showcase the most crucial content from your applications to the users of the Assistant. Since the number of Google Assistant users is increasing, mobile app integration with this famous virtual assistant will become the major target among several development teams.

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