This article will help you to choose best crane and rigging company.

Projects that need lifting and moving heavy machinery or equipment should consider certain things quite deeply. First of all, you have to decide whether the job is something you can do yourself, or if you will to hire someone else to do it. Here we discuss about certain elements to consider when you have to locate the right Company.


You can check and ensure the company’s credibility by reviewing their project data and discussing their performance with their previous clients. Ask the company if they have completed anything like your project in the past. A reliable and reputed company will be ready to discuss their safety regulations and systems, safety record and provide information about how they manage physical and monetary risks. Many general liability policies don’t cover properties that are being lifted, moved and transported. A reputed rigging company will have particular ‘riggers’ liability coverage’ to supplement general liability coverage. This coverage is used to address financial losses due to the machinery or equipment in the rigger’s care, custody and control.

Focused on customers

Most of the crane and rigging Cape Cod companies utilize their own types of equipment, which may develop a conflict with customers’ interests if the company is centered on executing their tools, rather than providing the best rigging method. The best method means that has low impact to your facilities and operation. When the rigging company is customer-focused, it will work on these variables and come with a method that best meets your interests.

Qualified and trained staff team

Latest rules and regulations have significantly enhanced the safety norms of crane and rigging companies. They should now necessarily follow a variety of rules such as checking the ground conditions, using synthetic slings based on the manufacturer’s instructions, qualifications for life directors, equipment operators, assembly directors, signal persons, and more. Ask the company if they have required training and qualifications to complete this project.

Line of communication and responsiveness

When it comes to crane and rigging, you need a partner that is dedicated to communicating at a level that you deserve. Check if the company helps guide you through planning and implementation details. They should forecast risks that you did not think about, and check if they seek clarity on their roles and responsibilities. You must get quick answers and responses to these questions. Look for a partner that will commit to communicate this.

Lifting projects are unique and include unique challenges. So, check if your rigging partner manages curveballs that seem to come up during the project. A reliable and experienced rigging partner will have solutions to hiccups that might arise during the project.