• Why is sales readiness important, and how should a business work towards it?

Sales readiness ensures your sales reps have everything they need to improve their effectiveness and productivity for sales growth. It is a continuous process of implementing and creating new strategies to make sure the objective is met. Organizations must adopt sales readiness to enhance their sales process online. As it is a platform that comes with a set of features that will help your sales team manage their work and the sales managers to monitor the performance online. It helps to identify that all the sales process is going streamlined and smooth.

  • Who are the competitors of Mindtickle?

Mindtickle helps you put your Sales readiness to work. It uses the most potent customer-centric organizations with abilities proven to grow brand value & maximize revenue. It is voted #1 by G2 top 50 enterprise products for 2020. It also helps to keep customer-facing teams connected for significant results. Some of the best alternatives to Mindtickle are Allego, Brainshark. These companies are in similar sales enablement platforms & provide a robust sales readiness tool for all the various organizations.

  • What are the top 3-5 features of a sales enablement platform?

Sales Enablement Platform provides the following features as per predictive analytics today. Some of these include - content management, sales marketing distribution, real-time customization and previews, role-based marketing, system integration, marketing campaign effectiveness, marketing management, marketing program utilization, user activity, and improved marketing.

Some of the additional features also include:

  1. Ability to share sales collateral
  2. In-depth tracking for performance management
  3. Personalizing the buyer journey at each stage
  4. Sales training & on-boarding
  5. Scalability & Durability
  6. Integrates with CRM

  • · Do companies with product marketing also need a sales enablement team?

Yes, companies with product marketing also need a sales enablement team. It is because product marketing and sales enablement are two different things.

The use of a sales enablement platform is irrespective of the domain sector you operate. If your organization has a sales team for performing sales activities, you will require a sales enablement platform for customer-facing.

The sales enablement platform will save extra time and effort and provide robust reports to understand what needs to get improved from the sales reps. The content can be feed into the platform just like a simple CMS (Content management system) format with ease.

The sales enablement platform is a one-stop solution to most of the problems faced by the sales reps. Besides, performance tracking and evaluation are done seamlessly. This approach helps in identifying and targeting the right issues/ concerns faced by the sales reps.

  • How do I choose a sales readiness platform?

Sales readiness platform is a tool that provides a solution to your sales team in the form of content, quiz, assessment, and so on. Once the sales reps do this, the sales manager is notified with a robust summary report. It helps the sales manager identify his team's performance based on the various parameters like product knowledge, body language, industry understanding, etc.

Some essential points your organization can take in mind while choosing a sales enablement platform are below.

  • The goal of your organization
  • The challenges faced by your organization
  • The features provided by the sales enablement platform
  • The budget you have for the sales enablement platform
  • The automation in terms of tech & AI in the sales enablement platform
  • The quality of reports generated by the sales enablement platform
  • The ways to track, monitor, and edit content in the sales enablement platform
  • The support and assistance provided by the sales enablement platform
  • The other additional features/benefits provided by the sales enablement platform