A rumor has originated from somewhere that the actor is devastated after his breakup with the actress Ana de Armas.

But will he relapse? Fans are seriously worried.

It is imperative to understand that this matter could have been blown out of proportion. However, if you really want to know, then you should know that there are some voices which are suggesting that Ben Affleck is not well.

Apparently, as reports suggest, he is not living a healthy lifestyle post his breakup with Ana de Armas. In fact, he is so devastated that he has stopped eating altogether.

A recent tabloid has suggested that the “Gone Girl” actor is starving himself and is letting his health deteriorate day by day. According to the website “Woman’s Day,” the Justice League actor is once again single and unhappy. The tabloid report has confidently stated that he is no longer in a relationship with the “Blade Runner 2049” actress Ana de Armas.

Several sources of the media houses that cover the tabloid stories have confirmed that it has been over a month since the actress has left him. However, they have added that the anguish of Affleck might push him towards a relapse.

The most horrifying part that has been revealed by the sources is that the actor has stopped eating altogether.

A recent rumor had revealed that Ana de Armas started seeing Affleck differently ever since the producers of “No Time to Die” told her that the actor is not good for the overall public image of the upcoming film and he might not be welcome at the premiere. The rumor has suggested that she had started becoming a little detached from him, which in turn resulted in him being a little too clingy for her liking. As far as Ana de Armas is concerned, only her career is her concern right now.

It is imperative to understand that several debunkers like Gossip Cop have already called this Bond premiere story completely nonsense.

However, several voices on the internet have said that his friends do think that his relationship with the actress is over as the actor isn’t talking to anyone, and he is pretty devastated right now.

You may ask right now that if Affleck doesn’t say that he is going through a breakup, then how do people know? Well, we will never know the answer, but there are some people who are confidently saying that Affleck’s friends are indeed coming for him, and that includes his former wife, Jennifer Garner, who is also offering him a word of support.

According to the rumor, the biggest fear all the well-wishers of Ben Affleck have right now is that the actor could relapse.

However, a gossip debunking website called Gossip Cop has recently published a blog in which it has called out all of these rumors as false. They have offered some words, which they believe is the truth. The Gossip Cop has said that neither the actor is devastated nor he and Ana de Armas have broken up.

The website has also called out other nonsense stories about the actor’s personal life. Gossip Cop believes that the actor is fine and is living a completely healthy life.

Now, it is up to you which version of the story you want to believe in.

Source:- Reports Suggest That Ben Affleck is “Depressed”