In the fast-paced world, transport has become a crucial entity and ridesharing applications are booming in the market with the swifter on-demand taxi service. With profitable rides and punctual service, these rides are becoming more popular among people. Due to the immense success of these apps, many new companies and large organizations are planning to create their apps and enter into the app market. There is also a carsharing option made available with such companies that have significantly reduced the cost of rides and also has given them the option to connect with new individuals for constant rides and save cash. Developing an efficient BlaBlaCar type app requires the expertise of theone of the best mobile app development companies in riyadh like Brill Mindz who are specialized in the industry for many years of successful app development.

How does BlaBlaCar Works?

In the BlaBlaCar, both the driver and the passenger have the chance to share the ride for any amount of distance between the destinations. The car owners have the option to share the ride with a fellow commuter who travels on the same route. Passengers have to pay the appropriate amount to the car owners depending on the ride distance and route they have taken.

Car Owners: Car owners can share their particulars in the app by mentioning the route that they are commuting in the next day or any scheduled day.

Passenger: Passengers who are registered in the app will look for their preferred routes and send the request to car owners. Car owners accept the passenger's request who is traveling via the same route and communicate further via the chat feature provided in the app. After the ride is accomplished, passengers can pay the owners according to the distance traveled and rates specified.

Verification: The application makes the ride secure by verifying the individual's accounts with an authentic Government Id and their complete information. This will ensure that both the owners and travellers will be secured about the information.

Features of BlaBlaCar App:

Effortless Sign-up and Login: The sign-up process is very easy but needs to be authenticated via emails or any social channels. Both the car owners and travellers can provide this information and log in to the application. Once you login you need to provide a Government Id having a genuine name, picture, Mobile number, and mail id.

Account information: User would be needed to give his account information for carrying financial transactions to pay or receive money for the rides. Users will be able to check the account balance, payments and previous transactions in the app.

Find A Ride: This option is for the travellers who can search for rides in the desired location. You will find the list of rides for the particular location and at the desired time.

Offer A Ride: This feature is for the car owner who can enter the details of his ride to get a co-traveller for the same ride.

Cancel Ride: This option is for both owners and passengers who can cancel their respective rides before commencement.

Ride details: The riders can see all the ride information like pick-up and drop-off locations, price and other features related to the trip.

Set-up travel: You can set-up your ride between the destinations to avoid last-minute hassles.

Fare and time calculator: Users can calculate the fare and time between the destinations that can help both drivers and travellers to estimate the amount and time to reach the desired place.

Chat: This is the crucial mode of communication between car owners and travellers.

Notifications: Both the owners and travellers will receive different activity notifications from each other and also information about new offers and app updates by the company.

Voice Calling: This feature utilizes the internet for having voice calls to guard the privacy of owners and travellers.

Live Tracking: This will help both the owners and passengers to locate each other’s locations and assist to navigate to the desired destination. There is also an option to share the live location to any of your loved ones.

Reviews and ratings: Both the drivers and travellers are given the option to give the ratings and also feedbacks on the drivers riding skills and behaviours respectively.

Easy payment modes: All types of payment processors are available to help the owners and travellers for doing the payment transactions. They also have an in-app wallet where there is a provision to check the balance and earlier transactions.

Cost to Develop an App like BlaBlaCar?

App Platform: The development cost of a ridesharing app like BlaBlaCar depends upon the app platform that the app is built upon. You need to know your target customers and their usage for developing the app on either iOS or Android or cross-platform. The development cost of iOS is more than android but as android is employed by many devices across the globe, total development cost of iOS proves to be less costly than Android. Hence many organizations go for cross-platform apps since it supports both the platforms.

App Design: It is of prime importance that the app includes a user-friendly design for increasing the reach of the app. As advanced graphics and designs increase the richness of the app but they also increase the total development cost of the app.

App technology: If the app is developed with a lot of advanced features like AI or MI, AR/VR. Blockchain or Chatbot it becomes costlier than expected.

App size: App size is determined by the total number of features and functionalities in the app. As the app becomes filled with features, it also increases the overall cost.

Bottom -line:

If you have an exclusive carpooling taxi app idea and want to develop an app like BlaBlaCar, then you need to associate with one of the best mobile app development companies in riyadh like Brill Mindz who are reliable and experts in developing successful industry-leading mobile apps that strive to help you to be pioneers in the respective field.