Are you ready for an Online ISO audit remotely?

The ‘’new normal’’ has changed the way businesses are operating worldwide which has made every industry adapt to digital transformation as the means for continuing business around the world. Similarly, conducting your ISO certification audits has gone online and remotely by the auditors to maintain the guidelines and norms of social distancing. However, before scheduling your online audit have you made the necessary preparations? Here is the list of guidelines that you must observe for your next internal audit for ISO 9001 Certification Sydney.

1) Plan and activate the necessary tools

For an online meeting with the ISO Consultant, be proactive, and download all your online tools such as Zoom, Skype, Webex, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, or any other internal software applications. Ensure that the internet is well-connected, simultaneously, check microphones, audio, and video systems. Dress appropriately in official attire and be ready a couple of minutes before the scheduled time.

2) Keep relevant documents handy

Keep all your documents handy and it would be better if you can keep a scanned copy of all the documents stored on your desktop/ laptop. This will make it easier for you to share documents during the meeting with the ISO Certification Consultants. Check that your purchase orders, quotations, supplier list, quality control records, minutes of the meetings, departmental documents, etc. are all well arranged and can be furnished immediately for ISO 9001 Consulting services requirements.

3) Review the internal process

Keep a tab on the internal processes and if there is any change in the process including new hiring, new job positions added, KPI (key performance indicators), training procedures, etc. Any changes in the policy of the company must also be discussed along with the corresponding documents.

4) Take corrective actions

In case any corrective actions were suggested by ISO Certification Consultants, ensure that the necessary steps are followed. Make an analysis if there is a scope of amendment or improvement in the corrective actions.

5) Management Review

Organize a short management review meeting with the leaders and functional head to share the insights of the internal audits.

Several ISO 9001 Certification has conducted online audits for business for continuing and attaining ISO 9001 Consultants Sydney. At PQAS, the professionally trained ISO Consultants are well-equipped with the facilities and methods of conducting online internal audits. If you are still waiting for ISO quality assurance certification and internal audits, then contact PQAS for an online ISO consultation meeting.

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