We all know the feeling of something not being vital for a business. Conference room schedule displays typically fall under that particular category, but if you stop & think about it, conference room management software does add value to the organization. Digital signage has a myriad of uses in the corporate sector, but perhaps one of the best is using conference room scheduling solutions to get the most out of your conference rooms.

Let’s be honest, managing meeting rooms can be a huge hassle and often waste a lot of your time. In a given workweek, the employees could be spending several hours arranging & scheduling meetings in conference rooms. That’s why organizations looking for ways to improve effectiveness at all levels should consider conference room availability displays. Below we have outlined the top four reasons why companies need conference rooms –

  • Conference room display eliminates ghost meetings

Meeting rooms appear as booked, but in reality, no one is using them. It is referred to as the ghost conferences, and it is one of the major reasons why meeting rooms have poor utilization. If there are no ghost meetings, scheduling conference rooms would be much easier & less time-consuming. With the appropriate conference room displays, you can eliminate the ghost meeting. The best conference room displays offer flexible check-in and ‘confirm booking’ feature. With the help of this, you can set up when check-in at the conference is needed. If no one checks-in from the conference room screen or the mobile booking app, the meeting room will be freed for others to book. No-shows can even be tracked with the help of conference booking software.

  • Check availability on all conference rooms

Imagine that you walk down the meeting corridor & all meeting rooms are booked. You need a meeting room for the ad-hoc meeting, what do you do? From the given meeting room display you can check the availability of all conference rooms. The meeting room displays permit you to look for the available conference rooms on another floor or area of the organization. You can even walk up to any meeting room display, find the available meeting room on another floor & book that meeting room from the room display. That is flexibility at its best!

  • Highlight vital information

This one is super obvious, but it does not make it any less vital. Displays inside your meeting rooms are going to have your employees’ attention much more than an email for this matter. Use a meeting room signage system to get highly important information to your employees while they are talking shop & in the zone.

  • Control remotely

Since your conference room booking system is connected to the cloud, it can be controlled remotely to make the necessary changes and updates to your internal communication scheme. Examples include updating your content playlist, adding more clients or visitors to the meeting list, the time of a meeting, and switching your meeting to a larger & smaller meeting room.

If you are exploring a conference room display solution, Veris can help you. We are experts in this area & we can offer you guidance & help you to determine your needs.