Currently YouTube is probably one of the best online video sharing platforms. YouTube is an online video sharing platform for every type of videos and videos makers. The videos downloaded from the videos are very important for the user and if they get deleted then users have to redownload them wasting data and time.

Videos that are saved on our system can be downloaded from anywhere on the internet and if they are deleted then the most sensible thing is to recover them instead of redownloading them.

If we like some video then we save that video to watch it later. Also, when we edit the video they are saved on our devices and they can be accidently deleted. If the YouTube videos downloaded on the storage devices are deleted then we can recover using the Advanced Disk Recovery which is a great software that will help you to recover other types of files also.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos.

There are two methods to recover YouTube video on your device.

YouTube provides an offline mode that will let you to download videos in the application. Once downloaded the videos can only be played in the YouTube application.

However, using the second method that is using the third-party website or application to download the YouTube videos.

Solution 1: How to recover deleted using Advanced Disk Recovery.

Using the software to recover deleted YouTube videos will only work if you have downloaded videos on your hard drive or your computer using the third-party website or the program.

Advanced Disk Recovery is a simple program that will help you to recover any type of files from the system. This program will let you recover the files in a single click.

To recover the deleted YouTube videos first download Advanced Disk Recovery program from the link below:

Once downloaded install the program.

Advanced Disk Recovery will help you to easily recover deleted YouTube videos as well as all types of files. This recovery software is very simple to use and will help you to recover the deleted files easily.

Once the program is installed double click on it to run the program.

Now select the location from which the files have been deleted. And click on Start Scan Now.

This program will also let you choose scan type. Quick scan and Deep scan are the two types of the scan type present on the program.

Quick scan: this type of scan as the name suggests is fast but will not thoroughly scan for deleted videos. But it will work for normal deleted videos.

Deep Scan: This scan will take some time to complete however, it will thoroughly scan for duplicates.

Select the scan type and then run the scan.

After the scan is finished you will see the list deleted files with other details like if the file can be recovered or not.

Select the files you want to recover and click on the Restore button.

Note: You can also preview the files before downloading them.

That’s it your files will be recovered at your desired location.

Solution 2: Using i.e. Way Back Machine is an open-source digital library that contains books, movie, software, music and YouTube videos. You can recover deleted YouTube videos quickly following the steps:

Login to the account using your YouTube credentials.

Now you have to look for an email address related to the videos that you have uploaded. Now open the video to find the link and copy it.

Now go back to the webpage and then paste the copied link in the search box to search for the deleted video.

Once you have found the deleted videos then you can easily recover them.

Solution 3: Recover the videos from the backups you have made previously.

It is highly unlikely that you have made backups of the videos you have downloaded from YouTube.

If you have made a copy of a video on the external drive or on the backup drive, then you can recover the videos from the backup location.


YouTube videos can be saved on your system directly using the third-party application. We can download any YouTube videos using this method. These videos are stored on our system and if they are deleted due to some other reasons then you can recover deleted youtube videos by using the Advanced Disk Recovery program. This program will also help you to recover other types of files also. You can use the program without any problem.