Send it in a floating bottle to a loved one

We know that for high-quality physical dolls that are not cheap, some are eager to buy a hundred times but finally give up because of the silver in their pockets.

So if you are a master who doesn't know how to deal with these unwanted physical dolls, then you can decisively show kindness, be a good Simon, and send it decisively to some young otaku who pursue physical dolls.

In this way, you simply deal with the physical dolls that you find difficult to deal with, and secondly, you have indeed helped those lonely men who are eager to come into contact with the physical dolls. Perhaps because of your kind drifting this time, you will welcome some like-minded baby friends.

Factory recycling

For high-quality doll products such as high-simulation physical dolls, they can be recycled. We know that the cost of high-simulation physical dolls is not low.

In addition, for the entire high-end physical doll market today, most of the silicone sex dolls support recycling and can be sold to some small factories for secondary processing raw materials, provided that small manufacturers or manufacturers with low prices.

On the one hand, manufacturers can recycle raw materials at a better price, and on the other hand, you can also save a good amount of money for your next high-simulation doll.

Some users who have bought silicone dolls and prospective users who plan to order physical dolls will consider what to do if the physical dolls are gone. Is it a second-hand transfer? Give away? Throw it away? In fact, there is no need to entangle, everyone is in a different situation, such as the length of use, the quality of maintenance, whether there is dyeing, whether there are wounds, whether there are iron buddies, whether there are channels for selling second-hand physical dolls, etc.


If you think about it before you buy it and you don’t need it in the future, it’s best to deal with it. For example, if a customer just wants to use it for a while and don’t want to throw it away, the Meizuoren entity doll mall first recommends that you don’t buy too high a price, otherwise it’s a pity to throw it away. Secondly, since you decide to use it, you throw it away and don’t give it away. It is not transferable, so you can use it at will, and vent with your heart.

If you want to sell it when it is not in use, be extra careful during use. There should be no wounds and no discolored clothes, otherwise the price will be lowered. But the price of second-hand physical dolls is very cheap, and the sales channels are also available in stock, so you can find them yourself. We do not recycle or sell on behalf of us, we only sell new ones, please forgive me. We have tpe sex dolls that are sold well, you can take a look

Jarliet163cm Latin American C cup chocolate color complexion sexy sex doll Hannah

Hannah is an ordinary girl from Latin America. She is a bartender in her career. Her beautiful appearance and curved shape make her stand out among the bartenders. The most important thing is her surprisingly sensitive taste, bartending talent and ability. She is very popular and her mixed wines need to be booked in advance. She has a proud personality and likes to make friends with capable people. Even the bed partner has high demands.


Cup: C
Bust (cm): 82.5
Lower bust (cm): 65.5
Waist circumference (cm):57
Hip circumference (cm): 87
Shoulder width (cm): 34
Arm length (cm): 52
Palm (cm): 17
Leg length (cm): 101
Foot length (cm):21
Mouth (cm): 13
Vagina (cm): 18
Backyard (cm): 16
Net weight (kg): 36
Gross weight (kg): 45
Carton packaging size (cm): 151*39*29

Similarly, if you want to give away a physical doll if you don't want it, you should try your best to take care of it. After all, the doll that can't be given out is too bad, otherwise people may not want it, or the front foot will be thrown away after the back foot.


Finally, throw it away. I don't know if netizens have paid attention to people who often have morning exercises and found the si body, and it turns out that it is a simulation doll that was thrown away. In fact, this method is very bad and it is easy to frighten the discoverer. Our suggestion is to use scissors to cut the doll into fist-sized pieces, and then use a black plastic bag, divide it into 2-3 bags and throw it into the trash can. Every morning, the trash truck will come to pick up the trash, so you won’t be spotted at all. The stuff in the plastic bag has become a fist-sized piece, and no one can see what it is. As for the built-in metal skeleton, it’s better, because this skeleton is not the kind of human body structure. The simulation skeleton is just a very simple bracket with joints, and you can't see what it is when you bend it hard.

There are also some customers who want to throw them away, but because they are timid and dare not disassemble, or have feelings for the doll and can't bear to let it go, then if you are in Dongguan, you can wash the doll first and then pull it to the entity In the doll shop, our staff and customers will disassemble and throw them away. But the prerequisite is that the doll is purchased from us, and you must contact us in advance and wash it in advance. After all, no one who has used it before will not touch it, please understand.


Okay, how to throw the physical doll? We have made a few suggestions for you. If you have better suggestions or methods, please contact us and share them with you. Thanks, I wish you a happy shopping, Life sex!

If you still want to buy sex dolls, you are welcome to come to our store to buy them. Here we have various types of sex dolls, including big breast sex dolls, anime sex dolls and curvy sex dolls. I believe there will be ones you like. At the same time, come to our store to buy we will give you the biggest discount, give you a quality assurance, so that you can buy with peace of mind. Now let me show you a big breasted sex doll that we sell very hot now.

Jartiet 170cmN Cup Domineering Cool Big Breast Sex Doll Ewa

Ewa is a German female soldier, but she is very beautiful, curvy shape, long brown curly hair, her personality is very strong, but not offensive, she gives people a sense of security, but also very trustworthy She is a trustworthy person. She has strong professional ability and serves the people. She is a strong and brave woman.


Cup: H
Bust (cm): 86
Lower bust (cm): 62
Waist circumference (cm): 54
Hip circumference (cm): 96
Shoulder width (cm): 36
Arm length (cm): 52
Palm (cm): 17
Leg length (cm): 99
Foot length (cm): 20
Mouth (cm): 13
Vagina (cm): 18
Backyard (cm): 17
Net weight (kg):40
Gross weight (kg): 49.6
Carton packaging size (cm): 156*40*30

Well, the above is the handling method and method of the physical doll is no longer needed. Hope this article can bring you some help.