In any action game, players have to keep their sight in both offensive and defensive mode. The defense can be used as a great offense and vice versa. But some of the players of Destiny 2 are still confused about how to be tanky. Well, tanky is not an ability that can be obtained by spending money or efforts. Tanky can be anyone by playing the right modes, right upgrades, and right resistance.

Surprisingly, defensive players in Destiny 2: Beyond Light can progress easier than offensive players. Indeed, a defensive player can’t show so many skills to save energy, but they can shoot a perfect shot at the right time. So if you want to turn your character tanker, you have to work on certain things.

Damage Resistance Mods

Along with Destiny 2: Beyond Light update, the developers added the resistance armors in the game. The resistance armor mods can save players from melee damage, Concussive Dampener, elemental damage, and sniper damage. All these attacks will save the player if they have chest armor on their body.

Using the following armor mod can save up to 25% damage from boss attacks, which is a big hit. Without the armor, survival is quite challenging, but players can change this by using the right armor. Players can modify armor mods to make them better. Along with the boss attacks, players can be resistant to melee attacks.

Resilience/Recovery Mods

Survival is the goal, and Resilience helps the player to live longer even in tough situations. On the other hand, Recovery helps the player to stay alive. Recovery begins to generate the lost health after taking damage, but more quickly than usual speed. Players who want to be tanky must try out Recovery on a prior basis.

Protective Light

The Protective Light is also a mod that first appeared in Season 10. During the first appearance, it brought the “Charged with Light” mechanic with it. But there are some different mods also available like “Blast Radius” and “Taking Charge” that can provide the character a powerful Charge with Light action to perform.

The major advantage of Protective Light is that it consumes the damage and provides damage resistance for five seconds. Players can carry two stacks with them, which means they can use 10 seconds and put immense damage on their opponents without losing their health.

Warmind Cell Mods

Majority of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light players think that Warmind Cell is just tiny bombs that help the character clear out the map from enemies. However, things are pretty different from expectations. Players can use Warmind Cell Mods in a whole different way. It can help the character to get less damage from its enemies, and it can also make its enemies blind. To be tanky, players should use this mod.

Defensive Weapons

Always remember that the best offense could be a good defense. The Lament, Crimson, Rat King, Suros Regime can generate their health by eliminating or damaging their enemies. Among all, the Rat King is unique because it has the ability to temp. Invisibility. Using this ability gives plenty of time to deal with enemies.

There’s also an Unrelenting perk available in the game. A specific Legendary Weapon can obtain it. The major aim of this ability is regenerating health and quick kills. Indeed, this ability is different from Rat King’s abilities but can also be tanky.

Exotic Armors

There are many armors available in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, but they all have different qualities. The best armors are exotic armors because they are special. For the Hunters, Wormhusk Crown is really helpful. It offers a great amount of healing energy with the shortest cooldown and offers healing after every dodge.

The crest is similar to Workhusk but gives a longer cooldown after a dodge. While the Titans have plenty of options to use. Titans can use their barrier class abilities in healing, but barriers also give a longer cooldown after performing dodge.


Using mods and abilities together creates no problem for any character. Mods provide both physical and special abilities, which help some of the characters a lot. The developers of Destiny 2: Beyond Light have uniquely designed the game because, to be tanky, players have to know about every equipment and abilities.

Source: Destiny 2: Beyond Light – How to Be a Tank