Propacts is a non-profit company helping athletes to identify and rarefy the capacity built through athletics. We provide virtual services to keep you engage, educate, and entertain you with the help and guidance of Goal Setting Coach Toronto you can virtually move your team forward. Our Teamwork Consulting Toronto is a team of athletes and professionals focused on developing skills & teambuilding through our virtual sessions and we also focus on unlocking the potential of the whole team by showing them what they can do or how they can do that depends on them.

  • From our Diversity & Inclusion Toronto program $200 is donated to youth. It is our way of getting along with those people who feel underrated and are socially unaccepted as we think that each and every person is beautiful in their own way.
  • We have the best Motivation Speaker who helps to show the true potential of athletes to themselves by making them interact with different people of their team through virtual sessions or by giving them some interesting tasks.
  • We help you to re-establish company culture at your virtual workplace by providing with you the best team in the most efficient and effective way.
  • We come up with those coaches who match your listing so that they can easily understand your point of view and helps you find the solution to your problem in the best way.

Cody McCormick is a Canadian former ice hockey player and coach. He is one of our roster and Motivation Speaker Toronto who gives a positive message to youth or other athletes that how to handle their team, how to handle success, and how to handle mental stress also. So we provide you to interact with the current and professional athletes as they understand youth a lot rather than the old coaches.

If you are sitting idle at your home and getting stressed as you are facing some mental issues, feeling unconfident, or you are unable to manage your team so we are the exact solution to your problem as we help you to set up a good virtual workplace. So don’t wait just contact us immediately!