The development process of a hybrid app that functions seamlessly on both platforms is quite challenging and on the other hand, lots of money and time is consumed. In 2015 Facebook introduced React Native, an open-source framework that possesses great potential. Developers viewed this as a golden opportunity that reduced expense, time, and efforts to a great extent.

Popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, Skype etc. make use of react-native to deliver an outstanding user experience. After going through this article you’ll get to know why you should go for React Native for better app development.

Hybrid app development with a single codebase

We all know that the creation of a hybrid app that functions smoothly on both platforms requires painstaking efforts. This is the moment when the react-native outshines them all. With React Native around, you can come up with a robust application with a single codebase.

Unlike other frameworks, it doesn’t need separate codes for different platforms. React Native app development enables the developers to write code once and run it on both iOS and Android. A developer who is handy in JavaScript is all that it takes to maintain the code.

Live reload- fix errors within no time

React Native offers live-reload which allows the developers to correct the code errors and bug fixes. This way, developers can outlook the code on the mobile screen and rectify the errors in the code and user interface within no time and view the changes.

Third-party plugins.

React Native is an open-source framework that permits the use of third party plugins straight into the code. This saves time and enhances the app performance. Moreover, this helps in faster loading and efficient memory management. With a variety of plugins, developers have endless possibilities, they can carry out any complicated projects with ease.

Boosts development cycle

The other important reason why you should opt for React Native is that it boosts the development cycle. With React Native around, you can launch your app the fastest way possible with much less effort. In other words, it saves you time and money.

Reusable native component

React Native apps are made using blocks that are built from reusable native components. In React Native, components used for iOS and Android app development are corresponding. Such components compile straight to the native apps, which allows the developers to retain the platform wise appearance and feel.

Bottom line

The above mentioned are the top five reasons why you should opt to React Native for your next app development. In this competitive era, where every developer strives to introduce an outstanding app within the shortest time. Things won't work out if you just sit back and watch. Hire a React Native app development company for building your mobile app and exceed in the line of competition.