You are at a brewery and you are enjoying your drink. At one point, you notice that the workers are moving barrels of beer around and attaching them to machines. You are probably wondering how these drinks are first made.

Any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage starts with a formula. This is where the flavor and chemistry of the beverage are integrated.

For the current and future generations, there seems to be a shift in the types of alcoholic beverages they purchase and consume. They want a beverage that is both unique and refreshing. This creates a major issue with the brand and also the manufacturing process.

When it comes to the brand, they have to decide on which beverages are selling the most and which ones are not selling well. The brands also have to constantly think about new beverages that will create excitement for the people who enjoy having new drinks.

When it comes to the manufacturing process, they have to make sure it flows perfectly despite how complicated and imaginative the beverage is supposed to turn out.

There is a solution that helps solve the issue of being able to achieve the overall goal which is to create innovative drinks and keep the manufacturing process running smoothly. The solution is to have a premix.

What is a premix?

A premix is a customized blend of two or more ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals, and sweeteners. Premixes can be incorporated into the formula to reduce the complexity and cost of producing a beverage.

Surprisingly enough, in the current market situation, there is a wide range of premix drinks. It has become easy and readily accessible to make cheap premix drinks. If you are willing to splurge a bit, you can go for the more premium premixes.

Now that you know what premixes are, let’s discuss the benefits of premixes. If you enjoy learning the process of creating drinks, then you have come to the right place.

Benefits of premixes:

There are a set of benefits when utilizing a premix during the formulation process. Here is the list of benefits that are found:

  • Better management of raw material:

If you blend the less often ingredients during the batching process, then it will be less likely that there will be a loss of materials. A premix also means fewer ingredients to order with fewer lead times and also fewer order quantities to manage.

This helps to reduce the probability that the materials will expire before being used. If you have a high turnover rate of the ingredients, then you will have an everlasting freshness of the ingredients.

  • Better quality control and less risk:

Premixes help reduce the number of measurement errors during the batching process. It is known to be a method of risk management. They also help simplify the management of usage rates which ensures compliance with label claims.

If you end up getting a premix vendor, it will add in another tier of ingredient potency and constant quality checks that you would never receive when getting the ingredients on your own. Premixes also adds a layer of privacy and protection to your formulas.

  • Consistency and flexibility:

Premixes offer better consistency and reduce the chance of error during the manufacturing process. If you have consistent standards during the batching process, then you get better results from the flavor, appearance, and features

A premix can be produced in a variety of quantities to be within production budgets and help manage minimum order quantities. Both wet or dry premix solutions can be implemented to allow for production flexibility.

Now that you know everything about premixes, you can make your beverage formulas and feel free to do whatever you want. It is highly recommendable to have a premix because it can help make your beverage become a very successful one.