Get into the online business world by offering not just one but multi-delivery services with our Delivery app solution. You must be here to know what it is and what kind of workflow does it follow, right? Then you are in the right place.

Rappi clone allows you to have your delivery business in check with every detail stored carefully. You can extend your business to a new extent by involving different delivery services too with this.

Here is the workflow of Rappi like app presented for you:

  1. Among the different list of services offered, the customers will go through them and will avail the service of their choice. They’ll confirm and will specify the location details.
  2. Store owners get the order request and will process the order. Once the order is ready, it would be handed over to the delivery executive.
  3. Delivery executives will get to the store and receive the order from there.
  4. The delivery executive will start their trip to the customer’s place using the GPS navigation system. They will deliver the order.
  5. Once the customer receives the order, they can rate their experience.

Let’s look at the services available in the Rappi Clone app:

  • Food delivery service
  • Medicine delivery service
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Marijuana delivery service
  • Alcohol delivery service
  • Courier delivery service
  • Flower delivery service
  • Gas and fuel delivery service
  • Bottled water delivery service
  • Stationary delivery service
  • Essentials delivery service
  • Bakery delivery service


We, at Appdupe, offer you all the services with the utmost professionalism and care for you to conquer the business world with delivery app solutions. You just have to discuss the changes or special touch you want to add in the app and that’s all. You are successful as ever!