Let me tell you a few stories first. I believe you will like it. If you are interested, read on.

Seeing a piece of news today, it’s really spicy!

A woman made a fuss in the gym openly and naked for fifty minutes!

The reason behind it was that she took the cat to go to the gym, but the staff refused, so she lost control on the spot...

In the beginning, she just swears at people;

Then, she started to beat the fitness coach, and it was useless to let others persuade her;

Then, she began to take off her clothes and began a naked workout. During the period, she deliberately squatted, revealing all kinds of hot eyes...

Finally, the woman's emotions became more and more high, so she directly harassed other members' fitness.

During the period, he didn't care about any shame or the eyes of everyone.

It wasn't until the police arrived at the scene that they were sent to the bureau in accordance with the crime of "hindering weathering and hurting", and the storm finally ended.

According to the staff after the incident, the woman had violated the rules of the gym many times before. This time she was really violent and the other party called the police.

Regardless of whether a woman expresses regret afterwards, it is really quite brainless for an adult to do such a thing in public.

She thought she was hurting the gym and harassing others, but she didn't know that by doing so, it was herself that was destroyed.

And the origin of all these farce is only caused by her uncontrollable emotions!

Nietzsche said in "The Beyond of Good and Evil": "If your emotions are always out of control, you will be led by your nose and lose your freedom."

If you encounter emotionally unstable people in reality, please stay away! Because you never know when he will go crazy!

How scary are people who are emotionally out of control?

There was a piece of news a while ago. Just reading the headline made me feel angry:

Angrily, the woman deleted her boyfriend's paper.

What is it that makes her so angry? In fact, they are all small noises.

The woman felt that her boyfriend had been staying up late to write a paper for the past month, and she was afraid that he could not eat it, so she stewed the soup to help him.

However, the woman saw that her boyfriend only took two sips and went to continue writing the thesis-which made the woman very upset.

The woman started to make trouble for a while, and her boyfriend said to drink later.

But the woman felt that he was too perfunctory, so angrily, she unplugged the power first and continued to argue with him.

Because during the period, I mentioned "break up", but I saw her boyfriend not only didn't coax her, but also slammed out the door.

Under this circumstance, the more the woman wanted and the more angry, the more she wanted, the more out of control, so she turned on her boyfriend's computer and shattered his "work hard" this month!To be honest, no matter whether it is in love or after marriage, there will definitely be quarrels.

However, arguing about beating someone out of control or being a woman who directly destroys the "prospect" of the partner is definitely a brain-disable behavior.

Could it be that all the men in the comment area should persuade him to break up and keep this kind of girlfriend for the New Year?

Also, a few days ago, there was a murder in Shuozhou, Shanxi.

But behind the scenes, it was just an emotional out-of-control caused by a small incident.

At that time, a man hit someone because he was riding an electric car and then tried to escape.

But his wife stopped him from escaping, so the two had a dispute over the matter.

Angrily, the man first pressed his wife to the ground and smashed her with a brick.

The wife resisted and struggled desperately, but the woman was helplessly weaker than the man.

In the end, the woman was beaten to death by her husband in the street.

To put it bluntly, staying away from those who can't control their emotions are really saving their lives!

Because an emotionally unstable person, he is a 24-hour time bomb, a devil who kills without blinking, and a terrifying death!

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