Get the surrey concentrates, but first, you have to know the difference between the concentrates and the cannabis flower. The cannabis bud or flower refers to the raw material of the cannabis plant. The concentrates are the trichome material, which is separated from the plant and then concentrated by use of pressure, heat, and maybe the use of solvent.

The potency between the two is the main difference that they have. Concentrates tend to surpass the cannabis flower in everything when it comes to this regard as they can remove everything apart from the highly psychoactive compounds.

The high-grade rosin or shatter can be anywhere from 50% to 70% THC. The CBD extracts can also be near the CBD pure or a blend of both THC and CBD. By use of concentrates, recreational consumers can get very high with just one vape or dab.

Having to produce concentrates can end up destroying the rare and more sensitive terpenes and cannabinoids. Because of that, the cannabis flower tends to have a richer flavor. Techniques for live extraction show more significant results for preserving the full terpenes and cannabinoids. The rosin is also very successful when it comes to the preservation of flavor.

Storing your concentrates

Like the raw flowers, you will need to carefully store your concentrates if you are thinking of maintaining their high quality. The way the concentrates are stored will be able to determine the length you will store it.

Parchment paper

It is a short-term storage option in which you have to fold your concentrates in the parchment paper and then place them in a dry, cool dark place. The system tends to work very well though it is not airtight.

It is possible to find the concentrates ending up hardening and losing moistness with time. In case the remnants of your concentrates tend to be stuck on the parchment paper, then you can place the paper inside a freezer for a few hours until the concentrate can flake off.

Silicone container

The silicone container is suitable for storing a concentrated amount that you will use for a period of within a week. You will need to take your concentrate folded in place and parchment paper in the silicon container. Even with this short-term storage, it is necessary to ensure the concentrate is kept in a dark, cool place.

Glass container

They are known to be ideal for any situation whereby you will need to store the concentrates for more than a week. You will have to concentrate when folded in the parchment papers and then ensure to seal them in an airtight glass jar.

Put the jar in a dry, cool, dark place. It is what will preserve the concentrates’ consistency and composition. If you find that your concentrate is very sticky for you to wrap in the parchment paper, then you can get a glass jar that has a wide rim, placing the concentrate directly in the jar.