TECO is a popular brand when it comes to commercial HVAC systems. It has been producing heavy-use air conditioning systems for many years. The company offers a wide range of innovative products featured with the latest technologies.

If you are planning to buy a heavy-use commercial air conditioning system, TECO air conditioners are among the top commercial air conditioning units. You can search for TECO air conditioners for sale in Brisbane to buy these air conditioners.

There are many reasons that make TECO air conditioners ideal for commercial spaces. Let’s explore some of the key reasons.

Reverse cycle system

TECO air conditioners are reverse cycle air conditioners. What it means is that the AC system offers both cooling and heating. You can use a single unit both for cooling and heating. You don’t have to invest in a separate system for heating in winters.

Powerful air conditioning

TECO air conditioners are powerful air conditioning systems. You have the power option of 2.5 KW to 8KW. Just to give you some idea about the capacity of the 8KW system- it can cool every part of a room up to 10 metres. The capacity of an air conditioning system becomes very important in commercial spaces for optimum effects.

Highly efficient and less maintenance

Another key reason why you should opt for TECO AC units is that they are highly efficient. These systems use technology that is highly efficient and can easily save you money on your energy bills. Also, as they are designed for commercial use, they require less maintenance. Not only that, TECO air conditioning accessories in Brisbane are easily available, making repair and maintenance easy.

Easy navigation

Last but not least, TECO AC systems are easy to navigate. They come with built-in Wi-Fi that helps you control the system easily. Rest, smart features like auto restart ensures comfortable sleep.