Mexico is a mysterious state in North America with a rich history and unique culture. According to statistics, every year this country attracts more and more travelers and it is one of the world leaders among tourist destinations.

Many tourists prefer to apply for a Mexico Tourist Card to visit this beautiful country. It's fast and convenient. But what difficulties can tourists face when visiting Mexico during Covid 19 global pandemic? Let's take a closer look.

Are there any countries whose citizens are prohibited from entering Mexico today?

There are no such countries. There is also no list of “safe” countries to enter Mexico. It is open to tourists of all nationalities and from all countries of the world. Back in July, the beaches of Cancun began to accept foreign tourists.

Certain restrictions exist on the land border with the United States. Tourists may be denied entry at border crossings in the states of Sonora, Chihuahua, and Tamaulipas. However, this is an initiative of the authorities of these states, justified by the high incidence of diseases in the neighboring states of the United States.

There are no restrictions for Mexico Tourist Cardholders when crossing the Mexican border by plane.

Requirements for Mexico Tourist Card

A permit to visit Mexico can be made for tourists from any country arriving in the country by plane. It is worth noting that the Mexico Tourist Card is not an analog of visas. In this regard, tourists from some countries, in addition to the Tourist Card, will need to present a Mexico Visa.

To get a Tourist Card using the Natvisa website, you will need the following documents

  • a valid passport,
  • information about your tourist route

The passport must be valid at the time of the border crossing. If a tourist purchases round-trip tickets, then the passport must be valid throughout the entire stay in Mexico, plus 6 months from the moment you return home. If your passport is approaching the end of its validity period, we recommend renewing it before applying for a Mexico Tourist Card through Natvisa.

Besides, a tourist must have a "back / onward ticket". It is not necessary to have a return ticket. It is important to have a ticket to any other country - it must be within 180 days allowed for a single stay in Mexico.

Types of Mexico Tourist Card

There are two types of Mexico Tourist Card:

  • Tourist Card - Air. The purposes for visiting Mexico on this visa can be sightseeing; meeting with friends and or relatives, holiday visit. This type of card is valid for 6 months. The permit must be presented at the airport upon arrival in Mexico.
  • Tourist Card - Land. The purpose and validation of this card are similar to the “Air” card. This document is presented when entering through one of the ground control points.

Steps to apply for Tourist Card on Natvisa

The procedure for issuing a Mexico Tourist Card online is standard and takes place in three steps:

  • Online request. The form completed on the Natvisa website must be received and approved.
  • Getting permission. A confirmed request for permission to visit Mexico will be emailed to you. This step also includes payment for Mexico Tourist Card preparation services.
  • Arrival. Everything is ready! All you have to do is present the obtained permit upon arrival in Mexico.

Be very careful when filling out the Mexico Tourist Card application form yourself. Any mistake or typo will be interpreted by the system as incorrect data. As a result, the tourist will be denied a visa.

Do I need a Covid 19 test when visiting Mexico with Tourist Card?

No, none of this is needed. Upon arrival, you must provide a completed health form. The same form must be filled in for domestic flights and departures from Mexico.

It is also necessary to go through thermometry, which at many airports is not individual (devices track passengers in a stream without using a pyrometer individually). There are no other requirements.