Opening of a school is always a very interesting and significant even in the social life of any country. Working as an assistant to a school principal was hard but very productive. Now I am a writer on Schools have to offer a range of different classes and extracurricular activities that should be interesting to the kids of all ages. Besides, classes have to be equipped with a set of necessary materials, books, and writing utensils that enhance the learning process.

In order to organize the effective operation of any school, the classes have to be formed according to number of pupils. If there is a differentiation of classes according to the major disciplines, the tests to detect the abilities of every student have to be thoroughly analyzed. In my practice, according to the tests results, there were four classes that had to be reorganized. I had to group the kids into four different classes according to their preferred and tested major. Besides the formation of the special classes based on the major discipline, the rest of classes also should be reorganized and planned. As a result, the classes were formed each of them having a certain number of kids.

There were made the lists of pupils; the pupils themselves were provided with the cards noting their class name and number. Besides the class planning, my task was to help the school principle to complete the planning of lessons. It had to be done in three different versions. The first one was for kids; it had the list of classes and subjects with each class having a number of the classroom where a specific subject takes place. The second version was for teachers; it was completed in such a way that each teacher could come up to it and see his/her name and a corresponding classroom, class, and subject. The third schedule was a so-called working version used for testing any changes that have to be done during the school year.

Besides the class and subject planning, my task was also to help the teachers receive the list of books and teaching materials necessary during the first months of their work. Moreover, the kids also had to get the set of studying materials, and most of them are getting ready before the school starts.

Ordering stationary and craft materials for the whole school, which was also one of my tasks, is very important and responsible. The boxes were to be checked, and all the staff had to be reorganized according to the needs of each class.

One of the most difficult, boring, and at the same time important tasks was reorganizing of all school files. The class planning and test results that would not be used in the upcoming year had to be saved according to their names in the school archive. All the new class materials have to be reorganized and included into the school computerized system so that every teacher, parent, and pupil could have a free access to the tasks and school activities using their computers at home. Parents can also see the result of this work and check the necessary information about their children’s academic achievements using their own password and login name. This was also one of the most interesting tasks as there was created a program that had to generate the passwords for every user of the school portal.

In general, organizing school activities was rather interesting. This implied a number of tasks, variety of activities, archiving, and hours of writing work, planning, scheduling, ordering crafting materials, stationery, and books.