Himalayan pink salt is one of the very few natural elements which is proved to be a perfect element for spa treatments.

It is the purest natural element as it is a part of the world since it came into being. It is consisted of 84 extra traces of minerals which are very good for the body and mind. Moreover, it is anti-bacterial because it emits certain ions which cancel the harmful effect of the ions of the surroundings and thus make it bacteria-free. It is also proved to be the best natural scrub for the rough and patchy skin.

All the above mentioned reason makes it a perfect element for various spa treatments. No doubt, Himalayan salt can be used directly in its raw form for the spa treatments like taking bath with or for scrubbing the skin and etc. But there is an exclusively made Himalayan pink salt product made exclusively for various spa treatments which is called Himalayan salt spa bar (Salt Spire).

The Salt spa bar is a scrub soap made of pure Himalayan pink salt which not only makes the skin soft and clean but also have many other health benefits. It’s in the form of salt block with an ideal dimension of 3” x 2.5” x 1.5”. It has no side effect on the skin as it’s already tested.

It is proved to be the best product for the skin as it draws out the toxins from the body. It also deep cleanses the body through its skin-replenishing excessive minerals. The spa bar is an absolutely perfect choice for face as well as whole body. As, its extra mineral contents help in nourishing and enriching the face like common spa bars cannot and it also helps in soothing sore muscles and makes the body breath freely. It’s also said to be anti-aging if used on regular basis for the fact that Himalayan pink salt has natural antiseptic properties. It is the best kind of soap to be used after a busy day full of air pollution and makeup.

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