Here is an overview of the jewelry photography props I use. The things I use for holding jewelry so I can take pictures from the angle or position I need. The jewelry shooting tips I present below make it easier to shoot.

Shooting props for chains
I use 3 props for necklaces, one for pendants, one for long necklaces, and the standard chest for layered necklaces.

This stand is useful as it has a slot that is used depending on whether you want the wide / narrow V-shape of the chain. And it is also suitable for chains of different lengths.

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This prop has a stand on its own so you can move it anywhere while shooting. I bought this props at the handmade accessories store. The props are black in nature I painted it white, to avoid dark colors reflecting on the jewelry.

Long chain
For long chains when photographing you have to hang them up, so I used the wooden slats as a rack to hang the chains as shown above. There are chains too long so you should make the rack 30cm higher. The width of the frame is 20cm so you can create a V for them, use clips or fixed glue to coat them when shooting. This props I made by myself is very simple, if you have any other ideas that could be done better, remember to paint them white to avoid reflections on the product.

Use a bowl to shape:
When photographing flat chains, I use a bowl (or sometimes a box) to shape it.

Props for earrings
Main :
For the studs, I have a mica with a stand with 2 small holes punched in to fix the earring. It works perfectly for all earrings with one finger upwards. I just put them on the surface and photographed them.

Jade Earrings:
Here, I used a frame like the one above but with a cut out white paperboard in the center. I use thread and staples to define the paperboard. I use all 3 colors black, gray, white for each different jewelry, or you can edit it in photoshop.

Here are some complete images.

Other props
Mica sheet or acrylic sheet:
If you want a natural reflection from your jewelry, you should have a white or black mica plate that is a good choice for the reflection of the jewelry. You can buy mica plates at handmade tool stores or bookstores, which are great for capturing shadow jewelry.

Two-sided cat:
To stand a ring, I usually use double-sided glue. You can also use some gum residue to fix them underneath.

I hope these jewelry tips have given you some ideas on which props to use when shooting, you have questions or other tips you can comment below in this article.