How much do you know about black sex dolls? If you don't know, I will explain to you about black sex dolls today. If you are interested, then read on.

What is a black sex doll

Black sex dolls are also called ebony sex dolls, African American sex dolls. This series provides dark-skinned sex dolls, which is a very popular category of love dolls. The dark-skinned girl is very smart, and everything she has is charming! There is even an ancient and mysterious exotic style. The black TPE sex dolls sold in our store are of the best quality. Whether it is skin or limbs, breasts, sexual characteristics, it is 100% restored.

What kind of person is suitable for black sex dolls

If you are interested in black skin and want to have an African girlfriend, then when you are unable to date African girls for other reasons, then black sex dolls are a good choice for you. If you like SM, you can also choose her. She can satisfy all your thoughts and desires. They are very enthusiastic and will satisfy all your requirements. For her, you can have sex with her unscrupulously, she will not back down and she will go forward.

2020 popular black sex dolls

AF 168cm 38kg Latin American Mature Curvy Big Breast Blonde Sex Doll-Jisica

Jessica is a dark Latin American woman with short blond curly hair, jewel-like eyes, high nose, full lips, round and large breasts, curved shape, long legs, and healthy complexion. She is a charming woman who can attract anyone. Her beauty is just for blooming. Do you like it? If you like it, take her away. If you lose her, you will regret it.


5 ft 6 in / 168 cm
Brand:AF Doll
Bust :34.6 in / 88cm
Waist :22 in / 56cm
Hips :35 in / 89cm
Underbust :25.5 in / 65cm
Foot Length :8.3 in / 21cm
Leg Length :35.4 in / 90cm
Arm Length :23.2 in / 59cm
Shoulder Width :14.6 in / 37cm
Weight :84 lbs / 38kg

AF 168cm 38kg Latin American Mature Curvy Big Breast Blonde Sex Doll-Jisica

6YE 165cm Chubby Black Girl Sex Doll Yedda

Yedda, she is a black African doll. She looks very dark, but her features are beautiful. The touch of the whole body is very real, and the joints can move. Her vagina is very tight and makes people feel stronger. If you like her, please contact us to take her home.


  • Height: 165cm/5.41ft
  • Weight: 44kg/97Ibs
  • Breasts: 90cm/35.43in
  • Waist: 65cm/25.6in
  • Hips: 100cm/39.37in
  • Foot Length: 22cm/8.66in

6YE 160cm Ebony African Real Doll Louella

Louella is an urban girl, and her figure is hard not to fascinate people. She walks on the street alone, and the modern city makes her look very fashionable. She seems full of secrets, but there is no doubt that her body will make you fall. She is enough to stimulate your visual enjoyment. Few sex dolls can perform like this small sex doll, so this is a wise choice. You will experience more novel experiences.

Doll Measurements:

  • Height: 160cm/5.25ft
  • Weight: 40kg/88.18Ibs
  • Breasts: 83cm/32.67in
  • Waist: 60cm/23.62in
  • Hips: 88cm/34.65in
  • Foot Length: 21cm/8.27in

Generally speaking, black sex dolls are still a very good choice. They are active and passionate and give you a feeling of indescribable. You can have sex with her. They are very realistic and will give you the best sense of experience. If you like black sex dolls, place an order quickly and don't hesitate anymore.

The black sex dolls above are currently more popular, do you want to own them too? Of course, you may also think that they are not suitable for you. This is normal, because for everyone, everyone has the right to choose. If you want to buy sex dolls, then you are welcome to come to our store, we There are various styles of sex dolls in the store, I am sure there will be what you want.